Thursday, July 12, 2012

What's Going On...

Started reading this...cute, funny, clever the end of each chapter there are the funniest oddest questions. I was really getting involved with it but it was acting weird on my iPad! It had to go back to Edelweiss's virtual book store to get fixed!

Reading this...I am at the point where I just know that the good guy is about to become the weird bad guy! And...every single time I read about someone with OCD...I think I have it...or a tiny bit of it.
Uh oh...

Look at this!
Front and back!
It's a Chan Luu bracelet!
I love Chan Luu!
I love quirky, Indie, unusual stuff!
But you already know that about me!
This would be so much nicer if someone bought this for me as a just because I love you sort of gift!

Are you listening, Lucy?
Is Lucy sneering at me?

Happy Thursday!

I am off to The Whip for lunch and The Milk House for shopping...with my friend Jane. I have no clue how to get to either of these places so Jane is picking me up. In Pennsylvania...I can get lost in two seconds!
We are near lots of farms and horse farms and mysterious windy roads that end up all over the place! I get lost here all of the time! I have great adventures just trying to get back home from places just because every road is sneaky and looks different.
And I second guess myself way too much. And if you do make a wrong turn it's always at a 7 way stop with railroad tracks at a roundabout that was never there before. It's like driving in England. Den says I don't pay attention...I just say what?

Anyway...the Milk House is the kind of place I love! The quirky me loves all of this peely white stuff!

The Whip is in the heart of horse country...a tiny place that is always crowded and every one who walks in looks like they just hopped off of a horse...because they did.
Amazing fresh local foods...

That's my adventure for today...what's yours?


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  2. Oh! Enjoy your day! I can't wait to read about all the fun you get up.

  3. You always have the best adventures.

    Today,I got rained on while coming to work. It is supposed to be 105 today and it is raining. Not good. Now I am at work, just working on little things. Later, I get to pick up the Girl from camp, cook dinner, do laundry and pack lunches for tomorrow. FUN!! Not.

    1. Yeah but...that sounds like fun, too!!!

  4. That bracelet looks like a cool belt--it ties on the wrist just like one. Love it. I already have too much jewlery, so I'm going to pretend I didn't see this...and you're going shopping for...? ;-)

    1. I just love fun bracelets, though!!,

  5. The Whip sounds like my kind of place! I love the look of the Templeton twins, too. I will have to check that one out!

    1. The Whip is a horsey kind of place!!!

  6. Oh, the Milk House sounds fabulous...I love "peely white stuff" too! And quirky is my middle name.

    It sounds as though you live in a fabulous area. Enjoy!

  7. What a fun day! The first book sounds very interesting! Hope it gets fixed soon. I had to laugh about OCD- I do think I may have a touch of it- and reading about it only reinforces my thinking. :) The Whip looks like a good night out. Hope you are having a blast.