Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday...And It's A Steamy One...

We went to a concert last night...we saw Chris Robinson...who used to be married to Kate Hudson and who is still in the Black Crows but loves to play with other musicians in his off time...whew!
Did you know that he performs barefooted?
Dennis told me that he plays Southern Rock. The music was good but loud and...did I say LOUD? Really really really loud!
My head is still sort of humming. We did not last the entire concert...he played a long set...took a long break...and came back for another long was almost eleven when he started the second after a few songs...we left.
We were tired...and this concert place is so cool and so weird at the same have set seats but you can move around to tables and eat if you want to...drink lots if you want can sit on sofas or at high tables or stand and dance in the aisles if you choose to...there were lots of people sort of dancing by themselves...
which sort of freaks me out...because I am such a rule follower...I like to sit and listen and other words I behave!
I am not a get up and dance around kind of person...I listen and I count stuff...last night I counted faces in the ceiling of this theatre...I counted 54 human faces, 10 sort of not human faces and one horse!
Do I know how to have fun at concerts or what?
Totally wiped out right now...watching tv and is so hot can barely breath outside.
Still reading this...I am still loving it...

We think Lucy is mad at us because she has found a new friend in one of the other bedrooms.
She has been with her new pal all day!
I can't figure out what I think she is thinking.

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  1. I would so get up and dance at that concert! I love The Black Crows! Lucy and Raggedy Ann together crack me up.

  2. I love your Raggedy Ann doll! I still have mine too!

    1. I could never part with her...nor could Lucy!!!

  3. I can't remember the last concert I attended! But I miss them....

    Today I went to see People Like Us, with Michelle Pfeiffer, Chris Pine, and Elizabeth Banks. It was SOOOO good!

    Lucy looks sad....

    1. I know...she is happier now though!

  4. You are so much like me when it comes to social functions it's scary...and funny...but also scary. I'd be counting faces in the ceiling too. What is up with that??

    1. I was really bored and there were murals on the ceilings and walls!!!