Friday, July 20, 2012

Stuff...Good Stuff...Bad Stuff...In Between Stuff!

The dress that I loved, worshipped, practically adored?
I had to send it back to Shopbop not once...but twice!!!
Trust is really cool on...fabric is stretchy and amazing...the colors are's a throw on and go dress...but it is huge and when I put it on it seemed to get bigger and bigger!!!
I am getting it one more the right size...Shopbop is an awesome attach the prepaid mailing even has a tracking number...and you get an email as soon as they get it! The third try will be the right try! I can feel it!

Oh...and it's on diggety doggy!

Lucy has been napping on the top of her stroller...I have been keeping it in the sunroom because she likes seeing might be wondering how I know this but I just do...we were having dinner and Den that her foot hanging inside the stroller? She actually poked a hole in the seam. She seems to be clutching it rather possessively, doesn't she?


My BlueFire Reader will not open! This is both a good thing and a bad thing. It's where I download egalleys from NetGalley, Edelweiss and authors. Right now I am cleaned out and can't get to dozens and dozens of books! Why don't I feel upset about this?


I kind of feel refreshed, cleansed and bad!

Trying a new date night bistro for's called The House Of William And Merry...can't wait!
Look! It's really a house! Those two people are really William and Merry!

Still reading's so good it needs to be savored!

Take care out there, everyone!


  1. That's the one drawback of on-line shopping - returns are a hassle. I hope your new date night destination is fabulous!

  2. That dress is naturally pretty roomy, so you may have to downsize from your usual size. Nice, though I prefer sleeves. Lucy is funny...hee hee...

  3. ever just go out and get a greasy burger? LOL.

  4. I will have to add that to my reading list:)

  5. Have a fun date night :) I just love the name Merry, lol!!! Hope the dress fits this time around.

  6. Oh, dinner at the bistro sounds soooo wonderful. Enjoy!

    Lucy is a funny girl....

    Can't wait to savor Summerland.

  7. Lucy has the life, doesn't she? And how is the kitten idea progressing?
    The dress looks so perfect for this summer! I hope you get the one that is made for you!
    Have fun on date night! Always an adventure! :) Enjoy!