Sunday, July 8, 2012

So Much Fun...Who Knew?

The Romantics...then...


We had so much fun!!!

This group has been together since 1977. There was really only one song I really recognized in addition to "What I Love About You" and that was "Talking In My Sleep". The venue was small and there was space for moving around and dancing...and people were crazed with dancing!

Den and I had a high top table for front of us and surrounded by other tables was open space...or the playground for dancers. The music was insanely good...the dancing was bad...seriously bad...funny bad...wildly bad.

But again...I am a toe tapper...I would not hop off of my seat to dance for any reason...and I was surrounded by uninhibited dancers...fueled by drinks.

I grouped the dancers this way...

pulp fiction dancing...lots of finger pointing and thrashing,
stand alone and foot pound while shaking entire body dancing,
in your own zone fist pumping dancing,
grab someone and try to dance together dancing,
the basic twist with extra added moves,
and finally slow dancing in the middle of all of the chaos dancing.

Whew...I think I categorized it all.
The ages of people in the theatre? I think all over the place but most of the crazy dancing was done by...hmmm...older people?

This is such a neat old historic theatre...called the Wilmington, Delaware.
It's not far from our house and they are bringing in an eclectic group of artists. You can have dinner or snacks before the show...the food is scary good...drinks are, too. Den loves that they have Guinness on tap? Draft?
We usually go in early and get a starter. We had hummus and pita bread and veggies last time and sweet potato fries. We had soft yummy house made pretzels with a cheesy dip last night...we were going to have eggplant fries but we were too full.
Oh, we did share goat cheese cheese cake with berries that was top notch!


I had an icy cold's just a funky Indie quirky kind of place...we love it!

Tickets for most shows are not expensive at all...and the seating is always changed to suit different performers...the menu changes, too.

A fun time was had by everyone...
except Lucy!

We found her sleeping in the middle of our bed surrounded by toys when we got home!

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  1. They're hair has definitely improved!

    I'd be out there dancing in my non-ruffled clothing!

  2. They've held up well - time has been good to the Romantics! Glad to hear you had a good time :)

  3. Lucy was feeling left out....

    But the concert sounds like just what I need! Glorious music and that feel good thing that comes when the group has been around for awhile....