Monday, July 9, 2012

Lots To Read For Sure!!!

Have you ever distracted yourself while you were reading a perfectly wonderful book to pick up yet another perfectly wondrous book and start reading it too?
I never do this! I am a one book at a time kind of reader. But now I started reading this one.
It's sad and sweet. a family tragedy. A ton of dysfunction. Marriages on edge. Overwhelming sorrow.

So I find myself reading the above book while I am reading this book. And it's odd because I only really really really like reading one book at a time. Ever.
What have I learned from this one? If you want to live to be 114 or more...drink a cup of hot water with a squeeze of lemon and a drop of olive oil in it every day!
This book is a saga of a family of women who live on an olive grove. So good!

New books this week are lovely ones...from Mary E. Stone...and Shelf Awareness.
I will give you very brief summaries.
Gardening with a serious twist and a surprise visitor...

Corruption, dysfunction and reclaiming a son?

Stories about the mythology of the American West?

And from new NetGalley rival...
A magical city, a rebellion and love?

Twins, inventing and fun?

Wife catching and witches?

Four women facing their past?

I really have no clue what to read next...
But this one is tempting me...and about to expire on NetGalley. I love this author's work.

Which lovely book would you choose?


  1. Yes, unfortunately this happens to me quite often!!

    1. Actually I kind of like reading both...for now!

  2. I like the one with the olive oil tip...I'd like to live to 107 so... I should get working on that!

  3. Both of the books you're reading sound fantastic to me.

    1. The Lee Woodruff book was amazingly good!
      I saw that you have it, too.


  4. A new Cathy Kelly book! That one looks tempting...along with Black Friday and a few others...thanks!

  5. I usually like to read one book at a time- but once in a while I am captivated by too many books at once. I am actually reading three books right now. Maybe it is summertime... You sure managed to find great books!

    1. I am a book magnet!

      You need to read The Templeton Twins...really different...