Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I Am Up Early...Way Too Early!

I am sitting here...sipping blueberry coffee...hmmm...I know that might sound awful to coffee purists...my sister Paula, for example. When she comes to visit we have to have a separate coffee maker just for her and her plain coffee. And if she gets a whiff of whatever we might be drinking...oh me oh my she is a terror! But she also eats Cheerios with her banana on the side the way she has since I have known her!

Back to my heavenly blueberry coffee...mmmmm....my blueberry coffee is a K-cup...you pop it into a Keurig machine and each cup is perfection! So I am not drinking a huge pot of blueberry but rather one perfect cup! See!

Yesterday...Sam The Amish Man was here...the one who looks like a cross between Robert Redford ( The Way We Were ), Curtis Stone ( famous chef ) and Ray ( my high school heart throb )...his white teeth flashing and blonde bob...well...his blonde bob doesn't have to really do anything except be there...to check out the roof. Lots of screens were ripped and he wanted to take them to get rescreened...plus he took ones that we ripped and wanted done anyway...how sweet is that?

He and I worked our way through the house...taking the screens out. I broke one newly done nail but it was worth it...lol...
I think I must examine this oddly unsettling attraction I have for my roofers. Yikes!!!
I thought I was over it until Sam's smiling face was at the door.
I will work on this!
Here's a thought...
Did you know that most Amish men don't like cats? Horses and dogs are their faves...Lucy drops in front of Sam in a relentless pursuit of petting but he ignores her!

Oh no! Lucy is smitten, too!!!
She is not usually ignored!

Back to books...finished all of these...so yummy...

Starting this one now...

Today's agenda?

A tiny bit of house tidying, a pedicure, deck sitting and reading with Lucy, watering plants, laundry and Den is bringing home really good Chinese food for dinner...fresh, lightly sautéed, healthy and MSG free!

What are you doing on this glorious day?

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  1. I tend to use vanilla based creamers (gluten free, cottonseed oil free) in my coffee but I cannot STAND flavored coffees! I am in Paula's camp on this one.

    What am i doing today? Working which is a real pain, literally. Supposed to be 106 today. I will be nice and cool in my 60 degree office but when I get in the car...lordy... I will be praying to the gods.

  2. Your Amish roofer does sound enticing! How interesting about cats and the Amish. I had no idea. Wow! Look at all those books you finished. Good for you. It looks like you were on a reading roll! Enjoy your pedi and blueberry coffee- which sounds interesting. :)


    1. If you tasted it...I betcha you would love it?

  3. I am going to have to look for blueberry coffee - we have a Keurig, but I've never seen these ones :) I occasionally like a flavoured coffee in the afternoon.

    1. You either have to order it from Green Mountain or look at Bed Bath And Beyond...if you have those in Canada!

  4. Sam can't be all that great if he ignores the marvelous Lucy! I had a blueberry beer this past weekend and it was delicious too! lol

    1. I know...my poor baby was devastated...mmmm...blueberry beer sounds really good and refreshing!

      Let me guess...can you buy it at Craft?

  5. K cups are good for the flavored coffee. If you can actually find a flavored coffee that actually tastes like what it supposed to be (most seem to smell like the flavor but not taste). Green Mountain did a really good Eggnog for the winter. Usually I use Kahlua Kcups for a flavored coffee. But, I really prefer the plain for straight drinking (nice dark, strong roast too). I might see if there is a small pack at the store. I love blueberries.

    Today, going to do a quick store run before work.

    1. I loved that eggnog one...and they have a golden waffle one that we crave!

  6. Love that mug! And, from the way you describe Amish guy, I don't know of anyone who wouldn't like having him around! lol

    But poor Lucy...she does look sad.

    I can't wait to read One Breath Away and the Olive Tree book...and I LOVED Heartbroken. Enjoy!

  7. I had a blueberry cobbler coffee a week or two. My husband wasn't a big fan, but I love flavored coffees.

  8. The only flavored coffee I like is French Vanilla, and might try one or more different kind, but I'm not so crazy about having different flavors in my coffee...I want to smell and taste the real coffee aroma!
    Lucy is really a determined young 'lady'...too bad the Amish guy ignored her. Lot of people are that way, because they simply don't like cats!