Monday, July 30, 2012

Hmmm...Let's See...More New Books That I Won't Get To This Week!

Here they all of their glory!

Endangered is a zoo mystery! Animals don't get hurt...they get I can read this one. Thank you Poisoned Pen Press!

I started this one on my ipad2...originally from Edelweiss. The Templeton is so interesting...but the download had a flaw that couldn't be fixed. So the wonderfully kind Lara Starr from Chronicle books is sending me a hard copy. I seriously cannot wait! I think that if I was still teaching...this would have to be a will love this book!

I loved the idea of this book. Runaway husband, family dysfunction, coming to terms with the way your life is. This was originally from NetGalley but it was accidentally archived before I could download it. Many thanks to Diana Franco from Atria Books for sending me a hard copy.

This book is a sequel to The Boneshaker which I have and have not read...fixing that today. This one is from Amazon Vine.

I love this cover and it's another Vine treasure. And another family tale of glorious dysfunction. can there be another Gone book? It's a new series for this author and sounds exciting.

And this one...which I love right now for its cover...the actual story is set in a Colorado town and centers on three women and their losses, lives and loves! Not exactly beachy but close enough!

So...what book are you loving right now...or if you are not reading at the moment...what are you doing today?

This is Meatless Monday...I am slow cooking a pot of Cuban Black Beans...we will have that over rice...there will be shredded sharp cheddar cheese, diced sweet onion, and sour cream to put on top.

Perhaps a fresh loaf of homemade bread to go along with it!

Perhaps a Blueberry Crisp?

Just a teeny one?



  1. Oh, I bet you'll get all of those read this week - you whiz through books! I hope you have a great week.

  2. I love Cuban black beans.
    I know this goes against your meatless day, but they are soooo good with some bacon in them.
    (I'm 1/2 Cuban)

    Btw, I'm sooo jealous you got TT.

  3. Templeton Twins looks great- how awesome that you got a print copy when the ecopy wouldn't work. I am very curious about How I came to Sparkle Again. Dinner sounds devine. Yum! I love blueberries. :)

    I am just starting Powerless by Mathew Cody. It is a MG book about kids who have superhero powers (I think). Should be interesting.

    1. Now that book is unfamiliar to me...checking it out now!

  4. Two books entitled "Gone"? Wonder if they'll be as good as "Gone Girl." Just saying....

    I do like the idea of runaway husbands and family dysfunction.

    Love black beans...and blueberries. I had blueberry yogurt with cottage cheese for lunch.

  5. I think I need to come to your place...the books...the food...the cat...yep! :-)

  6. The Templeton Twins looks like the cutest read ever!!

    Supper sounds amazing - what time should I ccme over? :D

    1. Anytime...and Templeton Twins promises to be fun with an edge!

  7. The Templeton Twins cover is...priceless! Actually, love them all. Who says you can't judge a book by its cover? sometimes the cover 'says it all!'

  8. Wow a lot of books to read! They sound so exciting, but how can you manage them all?