Sunday, June 3, 2012

Treasure? Loot? Stuff I Hauled Home From Maine!!!

Fish on a stick! Do not laugh...I love her!

White duck!

Two sea glass idea why but they were so pretty! My sister Paula could knit me a lovely sweater to go around one of these and I would give her the other button!

Lobstah bookmarks!

Lobstah thank you card for my sister Paula! At the ready in case she knits me a

One gauzy dress!

Second gauzy dress!

Third gauzy dress!

All my new gauzy dresses are summery and long and floaty and yummy and comfy!
Blue old jar...I filled it with my shells!

Whew...not bad, right?
Finished this and wrote a review in the car on the way home...

Still deciding what to read next...this?

or this?

Or perhaps maybe this?

By the way...Lucy and I are exhausted...Den is exhausted, too, but out mowing. Lucy and I are lounging in the family room. She talked so much on the way home yesterday that her little kitty voice is hoarse today!
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  1. Looks like you brought home a lot of Maine with you. Yeah! Then you can remember your vacation whenever you look at the items. :) Your new clothes look super comfy. I love that. Hope Lucy rests her voice today.


  2. ooooo fun fun fun
    LOVE the dresses.
    And that is one fun fish on a stick.
    Great jar of shells!
    Hysterical book mark.
    Sounds like you had an awesome trip.

  3. I do love pretty mother used to have a beautiful container in which she tossed buttons, and I enjoyed sorting through it.

    And who doesn't need more of all kinds of stuff? lol

    Thanks for sharing...and enjoy the relaxation before you have to unpack.

  4. Looks like you got your treasure as well, Patty! Love those comfy and soft flowing dresses. Would be perfect here, in S. Florida!
    Glad you guys made it home all right. Make sure Lucy gets her rest:D

  5. Haha - that lobster in the bikini is hilarious!!!

  6. Wow, the fish on stick looks really cute :)

  7. All treasures. Love them. Especially love the bookmark and those dresses.

  8. Very nice! Would love to visit Maine someday -- in fact, Spence and I were just talking about that being one of our next trips. Seems so peaceful and nice up there! And I've never actually been to New England... New York is as far north as I've gotten.