Friday, June 15, 2012

So Good...So Yummy...So Sad...So Comforting...

I am thinking about own is not my own right now...I stepped outside and to my surprise there was a huge crane putting stuff on our roof...OMG!!!

Nothing could have prepared me for this!

The workers are sweet and careful but there are pieces of roof beautiful flower pots are scattered...deck furniture gone...and the noise is thunderous.

I think I feel stressed.

Lucy feels stressed.

My brain is frazzled.

I can't read.

I can't write reviews.

We should have saved Maine for after this was done.

So good...

the feeling we will have when the roof is all done and there are no more flying shingles!

So yummy...

dinner tonight at Sovano Bistro! I need a martini!

So sad...

another Father's Day without my dad...I have a phone message from him on my phone telling me about his day...what he ate what he did and that he was going to dad loved leaving long amidst the pounding and hammering yesterday I held the phone and listened to him and was just torture...I don't know why I did it...
I guess it never stops hurting!

So comforting...

I know this cat knows my emotions...Tonkinese breeders say that Tonks are very in tune to the people they love...I know this is true of Lucy! The slightest little tear brings her into my arms...where she stays until she thinks I am ok again.

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  1. Your roof must be huge - it seems to be taking them a while to get it done.

  2. Oh Patty! I feel for you. Listening to the message must have been so hard, but I totally understand why you did it. Hugs!

    A good martini and a nice meal is definitely something to look forward to when all you have going on around you is pounding and more pounding. It will be done soon and when it pours this Fall, you will have a nice roof to keep you dry!

  3. Enjoy your dinner out. It sounds like you definitely need it.

  4. Oh, Patty-my heart goes out to you. I feel the same way about my father, whom I was so close to. It's been over 25 years that he's gone, and I think of him every single day. The hurting never stops. Usually all the pleasant memories of dads supposed to make us smile...but its good to cry, as well! (just read my header on my blog)

    For father's day, I'm having my ex, and my son with the little granddaughters over at my place for lunch! I planned ahead, and my request was granted for the info:DDD

    So sorry abt. all the mess at your house, but just think...before you know it, it will be all beautiful and new!

  5. This is such a genuine, real post. Thank you for sharing.
    Cats are very comforting the way you describe Lucy, not all, but many are. I am glad you & Lucy have each other.
    I missed my Dad most of my life, and will spend the rest of it missing him. Those who have Dads who are there...apreciate him!!
    Now go have your martini!

  6. Oh, enjoy that dinner and the martini(s)!

    Lucy does look like a very empathetic little "person," which is a great comfort.

    I'm glad that you can listen to the voice on the machine...voices do seem to bring the person back for a little while.

    Try to have a good weekend.

  7. A. It's all that noise. It's slicing through your peace and brain. You need to pack up and go to the library. Get away from the noise.
    B. If I had a recording of my dad telling me about his day, I would torture myself with it too. I miss him so much. I'm always saying that I wish they had cell phone service in heaven. Or email even.

  8. My roof took a while, too! Hope yours is done soon so you can have a peaceful life. Reading about your phone message brought tears to my eyes. I can understand why you tortured yourself with it. There is something about hearing the voices of the ones we have lost that brings them right back to us.

    I hope your dinner and martini did the trick. That dish looked yummy!

    So happy Lucy knows just what to do!