Thursday, June 28, 2012

Scene Of The Crime!

This is why there is one long long longish piece of fringe on my chenille bedspread!!!

And I think this is how it started. CSI Kitty Agent Lucy noticing something different and then tugging, pulling, biting?

I wonder how long it will get and will it eventually pull all of the other fringes with it?

What to do? What to do?

Hmmm...I don't think kitties ever truly grow up...she has always been captivated by stringy things! It's why we can't put shiny bows on Christmas presents and have to remove curly ribbons from anything that enters her realm!


this one is so good...and it's normally everything I dislike in a book...ancient history, living in the 1590's, wearing weird clothes, drinking spiced wine...but it's just so much a part of this book...again...I love the seamless flow from Discovery Of Witches right into this one.

Love that it's Friday and almost the start of a holiday week!

It's supposed to be 98 degrees here today!


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  1. Princess Lucy cracks me up!

    We're supposed to get up to 106 today.

    1. She cracks us up.too...except when she starts her Tonk just now snatched 3 blueberries off of my plate!

  2. Haha - "In her realm" That line cracked me up!

    I hate to tell you this, but I didn't like A Discovery of Witches and I aborted at chapter 11. I wanted so much to like it - I love history and mysterious happenings, but couldn't get into the addition of all those vampires and daemons - everywhere! - it took it from fascinating to totally unbelievable for me. I may give it another go at a later date - I really liked the first few chapters and then it sort of went downhill for me very quickly after that.

  3. They never grow up fully. I think when they reach a certain age, they just try to act silly when they think no one is watching. I catch my 15 year old cats playing with toys, but when they see me watching, they stop.

    I'm hoping to start Shadow of Night today =D

    1. Sarah...I totally agree...I can't wait to hear what you think about's a big book!!!

  4. This is the first time Lucy has actually acted like a cat and not an Egyptian Queen.

    1. Yep...every once in a while she does act like a real cat...except when she ate the blueberries...

      I think she is embarassed to actually act like a

  5. I guess Lucy was having a bit too much fun with the blanket! :) I guess she was tempted by the fabric.

    It is hot here today and a bit muggy. I will take this over snow! At least I can lounge in my pool. I am looking forward to the 4th!

  6. It's hard to get mad at them, since they're just expressing their curiosity! And they look so cute, too!