Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My World Is All Lined Up!!! So Much For Wordless Wednesday...

My blog photos are all middled up again.
I truly don't get Wordless's usually when I have a lot to say!

I am still doing trip laundry and am now out of detergent.
This is the bin of fine washables.
It is all stuff that needs to be hung on hangers to dry.

I finally tried on all of my Maine dresses...they fit and are yummy. I called the store and bought two more. These are my favorites so far...

I am so behind on promised reviews that I am stressed. I love everything I am book is good...really good ...but I am not in the mood for it right now... I like it while I am reading it but I don't want to read it...does that make sense?

I thought not.

Reading this...kind of yummy...

Taking a dear friend to dinner tonight to thank her for watching Jake and Jack the amazing zebra finches...

I seriously think it will take us at least another week to get back to normal. I still have no groceries. You won't even believe what I am eating...we try to eat clean and organic but I am reduced to eating single items...blueberries for breakfast, frozen veggies for lunch, microwaveable brown rice for dinner. I can't even make pasta...with butter and cheese...because the stovetop is dead...Mark the Stove Top Guy will hopefully fix it tomorrow or declare it dead.

The trek to Whole Foods and the Farmer's Market...seems impossible today.

Right now I yearn for...

scrambled eggs
simmering sauce pots and
an absence of laundry!
But am I doing anything about anything?
Not yet...

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  1. Does your grill outside have a burner you can use until your stovetop is fixed? After the '94 quake all of our BBQs have burners so we can at least boil water.

  2. The photos all look lined up from this end! I love the dresses- they look so comfy. I also have no food in my cupboards because the past two weeks have just been super busy. Enjoy stocking up and don't get stressed about your reviews. You will get them done before too long. :)


  3. Those dresses are lovely! Perfect for summer...

    And, isn't it so true that when you can't cook, that's when you want to cook? And obviously, the stove top is required. Good luck with that.