Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It's My "Gotta" Day!

Gotta have! From Madewell...I live in tees like this!

Gotta make! This is from a site called ArtisanBreadInFive!
These are pizza pops!

Gotta love my sweet Lucy Grace...

Roof update?

So would not believe it...and instead of Sam I have Amos...he is cute, too but doesn't look like The Mentalist...and these Amish guys all have iPhones! I think my house is falling apart!

Reading update...just read Dirt by David Vann...definitely intense...gulp!

Reading now? Still choosing...maybe this...I need something fresh and normal...

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  1. Trigiani is always good.

    So...what did you think of Dirt? Was I right? Was it dark as hell?

  2. I have both of these reads on my wish list....awesome looking.

    Too bad the Mentalist did not

  3. Amish guys with iPhones? I thought they didn't use technology! Does that mean a photo is allowed? ;)

  4. Your roofers are really Amish? I thought you were joking when you said that. I didn't think they used electricity - how do they charge their phones?

  5. I've been hearing excellent things about that Trigiani book. I'm on the waiting list at the library for it.

  6. Pizza pops look good! I am surprised that the roofers have iphones. I thought they weren't allowed to use electricity!

  7. Pizza pops? definitely need to follow up on that. thanks for sharing! (ps thx for your comment on my now-stagnant blog. I miss being able to upload pics...refuse to pay to do so. have switched to using flikr and pinterest.)