Wednesday, June 13, 2012

An Island Apart...And A Giveaway For You!

My " in a nutshell" summary...

Claire goes to Martha's Vineyard to recover from a very serious illness...she meets the Chappaquiddick hermit...entanglements ensue!

My thoughts after reading this book...

Heaven on earth...that describes this one. Who knew the barbecue king...this author...had this kind of story telling in him?
I loved every single lovely sentence. The island descriptions, daily life on the island, the food, the books, the pleasurable!
I was caught up in this story with the first few pages I read. There are sweet delightful characters and serious characters and quirky characters and all of them are sort of enchanted by living on this island. All of them are involved with the lovely Claire. The food descriptions alone will capture you...seriously. Foraged, organic, divine dinners and desserts are a huge part of Claire's life as well as the Hermit's. This book is a story of healing and it unfolds beautifully.

What I loved the most...

The budding relationship between Claire and the Hermit...their exchanges...their notes...their love for real food. I loved the fact that underneath all of the flannel and fuzz...the Hermit was a true hunk! I also loved the way the "juicy bits" in the story were shared...this is no Fifty is sweet and lovely! I loved Wrench...Claire's daughter's boyfriend...he was priceless!

What I did not love...

I did not love the way everyone other than Claire treated the Hermit...sad.
I did not love the fate of the poor whale or the I didn't really like Claire's daughter at the beginning, either. Nor was I fond of Claire's lecherous cheating almost ex husband. He was sleazy...seriously so.

My final thoughts...

Oh my...I laughed...I cried...but I ultimately loved this novel! I truly think that you will, too! It was simply beautiful. It's the most perfect summer book!

And thanks to Aisha Cloud from Tor And Forge...I have a lovely new copy to share with one of my readers!

Just leave a comment and email and I will the winner on Friday!

Congratulations to Stephanie who won last week's books!

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  1. A book that makes you laugh and cry has to be well written! This sounds so good - thanks for the giveaway! kathy(at)

    Congratulations Stephanie!

    1. I cannot tell you how beautiful this book is...

  2. I love your bookish reactions... all the "yums" and "sighs." LOL. Enter me!!

  3. This one does sound good! Thanks for the

    1. This one is pretty irresistible!

  4. This book sounds like a great read for the summer! I love that it made you laugh and cry and that you loved every sentence. WOW! Thanks for the giveaway. :)


  5. I'm heading for the beach in a couple weeks and all is 1 book to take with me. Hoping this one is it!


  6. This book sounds great! I always enjoy Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket- so it is especially fun to read books that are set in either place.

    I am so excited that I won the last two books. I just got the first one in the mail today. How fantastic! Thanks so much. :)