Monday, June 11, 2012

I Am A Groupie?

La dee da...birds are are blooming...and my cook top is fixed!!!
I love guys who fix things!!!
They are the rock stars of my world right now.
I am about to fry an egg! I am going to watch it bubble and spatter and I am going to stick a wedge of toast into all that yellowy goodness!
Plus Wednesday brings Sam the Magnificent Roof Man...oh me oh my!!!

Yesterday we saw a sign for freshly baked bread...about 5 minutes away from our house! We have seen this lovely old house for years and the bread sign for years and never ever stopped until yesterday. You walk in to the lower level and buy freshly baked breads on an honor system...the French loaf we bought was warm...and we bought a wheat molasses one. Both breads were amazing! They both had a lightly salted crust...the flakey special salt that just makes the flavor pop! The owners simply hang a flag outside when they bake bread! There are times when I totally love our area. We saw baby chicks at our Farmer's Market yesterday and bought fresh eggs laid by their mothers...small things thrill me!

I am reading this book and can barely put it down...Kathy from bermudaonion mentioned to me that this author writes barbecue books...tons of them! This is his first novel and it is lovely! It has everything I love in editor recovering from a serious illness on Martha's Vineyard...a mysterious man...very hermit like...and beautiful food. A hundred ages in is delightful!!!

We are off to see Lindsay Buckingham tonight...of Fleetwood Mac fame...cannot wait!

It's amazing what one repaired appliance can do for my soul...I missed sautéing!
Who knew?

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  1. OMG! Fleetwood Mac? And bread do live in an awesome area. I'm very envious....My city is kind of

    And I can relate to the joy of having everything humming along and working. With the hunky roof guy coming soon, too. lol

  2. You've been busy having fun! I'm going to show my age, but I saw Fleetwood Mac in concert when the Rumours album was on top of the charts. It was a great concert.

    1. Not aged at all..we are too excited!!!

  3. So glad that your cook top is fixed! Finally!

  4. Ah, nothing is better than fresh-baked bread.

    The guy I need to fix my air conditioner that was just installed last Tuesday is on vacation in the Outer Banks. Today, I'm not so enamored with the guys who fix things.

  5. egg was so good!!!

  6. The bread sounds SOOOOO good! Yeah that one project is complete. I can imagine you are thrilled to be able to use the stovetop. Hope the concert was fab- I am sure it was. I am a big fan of Fleetwood Mac!