Sunday, June 3, 2012

All Jumbled Up?

I have no clue as to what is happening to my pictures...the ones that I put on my blog. They used to just be in a straight line and I would happily write above or below without me changing anything they are still ordered but not in a straight line...
I do not get it at all...I think that both Blogger and WordPress have minds of their own and often do things to trip me up.
A few weeks ago I was getting email responses from every WP blog that I commented on and I never checked the box...and then I had to sign in to comment. And Blogger repeatedly changes the way I see my comments!
I have done nothing to cause any of this stuff to happen. I am innocent!
Books...delicious books...I am reading this's all New it...island houses, shot gun wedding, mixed up dad, clubs, clicks, secrets, lots of ice clinking in glasses...very summery.

I now have these to choose from, too.

I am so close yet so far from NYC and BEA...I could hop on a train...the Acela...and be there in an hour. But I don't have a huge desire to do that...crowds, lines, the lure of finding out about new books...are both tempting and not so tempting. I am not a big fan of sharing a hotel room...I would have to have my own or bring Den. I like my own schedule. I like going out to dinner. I do not like crowds at all. I believe that I might go next year...just for a see what it's like...I know I would probably change my mind if I had a first hand glimpse.
Oh...and I do not really get the armchair BEA thing, either. If I have learned one thing about blogging while I have been blogging it's this...I don't like having to do something...I am more of a meandering blogger...finding my own way and if that's blocked...meandering in another direction until it feels right.
Wow...that made tons of sense...

What are your thoughts about BEA?


  1. Awwwww
    Sorry to hear about your picture issues.
    When I have multiple images I manually put mine in.
    By going to Picasa Web, loading the image, and then copy/pasting the embed image code.

  2. Yeah, your pictures are showing up odd. Blogger and wordpress can both go wonky so easily.

    I would love to be at BEA, alas distance and cost make it a little too tough at this point.

  3. You know my thoughts on BEA.

    Armchair BEA is too rigid a schedule for me to maintain. I am at work all week and I read, review, read, review and rarely have stuff scheduled out. Except, I do have stuff scheduled for the entire month of June and I have no idea how that happened.

  4. I am constantly frustrated by both Blogger and Word Press when it comes to pictures, although I'm less frustrated by WP. Blogger takes forever for the picture to go to the blog post after uploading.

    As for BEA...I went in 2008 when it was in LA, and I was signing one of my books there.

    I didn't do BEA like most people do...I went to LA with my son and his wife; we stayed in our own hotel; I went only for my book signing, and wandered around just a little bit, going to a couple of other author's signings.

    As for goodies, I don't like walking all over the place with large stacks of books.

    A rolling suitcase would be my choice if I went again, but, like you, I don't like anything mandatory.

    I like doing my own thing, too.

    The rest of the time there, I went to lunch and dinners with my kids.

    Armchair BEA is more my cup of tea...I don't have to walk anywhere or stand in line! lol

  5. I know... wordpress and blogspot do have the minds of their owns. It always frustrates me when something like this happens. A long while ago, when I tried to add a pic to my blog, it showed the form in a small corner that I couldn't click. So frustated! I've seen a lot of bookblogs doing BEA, I'm not really familiar with it, but it looks like fun :)

  6. I have had noticed that some of your pictures are off on my end- but you are right- sometimes Blogger does their own thing. :) I think it will work itself out. I have never been to BEA- but I would love to go. Just to walk around and see it all. Plus- there are always authors I would like to meet. Like you, I would not want to have to do "work" while I was there. I don't like crowds much either- but it would be fun to experience BEA at least once.
    :) Happy reading!