Sunday, May 6, 2012

What I Am Reading...

Last week involved lots of maintenance appointments...nails, hair, toes...and lots of guest prep...
I will never yearn to own a bed and breakfast ever!
Plus I had an allergic reaction to my hair color!!!
I have 4 weeks to figure this out or I can never leave my house again!!!

I did not touch a book for three days. I could barely keep up with Reeder and email...I barely played Words With Friends...I barely commented on any blogs...I was pathetic!

I emptied my dishwasher twice in one day!!!

Today...I am reading this...

I have grand plans to make this a relaxing week and finish this and toy with these...from NetGalley and Amazon Vine...grand and mighty plans for sure!

Plus...our Maine road trip is getting closer and our thoughts are on yard prep...getting things in order...and Maine!!!
I want to have blueberry pancakes at the Camden diner and run into Richard Russo.
Or Stephen King?

Oh boy!

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  1. Ooh, a Maine road trip! How wonderful that sounds!

    I'm curious about Niceville.

    And a book you reviewed last week, The Year of the Gadfly, is on its way to me!

    I hope your allergic reaction disappears! That would freak me out....

  2. Pictures of the allergic reaction????
    And... you can actually recolor after 14 days... not ideal, but if you look like a pumpkin it might be worth scraggly hair for a bit :)

  3. If you run into either one.. King or Russo be sure to say Hi for me!

  4. I am sorry to hear about the allegic reaction to the hair dye. UGH! Not fun! I can totally relate about not wanting to run a bed and breafast- I prefer to stay at them instead of run them. :) Looks like you have some good books lined up. Now I want blueberry pancakes!

  5. The mama in me wants to run to that baby carriage in the snow! ;)