Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What Does This Say About Me?

I love this...

and this...

They are Grab and Go snack things from Real Simple Magazine via Pinterest. I love them. They will be in my cupboard and refrigerator tomorrow. The neatness of both of these appeals to me. No one will say...I need something to munch on...ever again...lol...


This book is so very good! Odd, scary, off beat characters rule throughout this one.
Chapters with titles like Merle Zane Meets The Woman In The Forest and Delia Cotton's Afternoon Was Hard To Explain...OMG...sheer deliciousness and kind of scary, too...

This is the kind of offbeat book that pulls me in...with each amazing chapter!

I will finish it later today...I just saw a little bit of buzz about it on Shelf Awareness, too.

Enjoy your Tuesday!!!

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  1. That's like sure neat,... and the book sure scary!

  2. I used to do that organized snack thing, until the kids fell upon it and completely decimated it in seconds!

    I saw that book somewhere but something in the synopsis prevented me from adding it to my want list.

  3. The book sounds interesting. I liked Bed Bugs, and Miss Perregrines School for Peculiar Children because they were unique. I don't like horror or gore. But I like an occasional thriller or suspense or oddity!
    The food looks great!! :-)

  4. Love the Grab and Go snacks. How fun! I think it says you like to be organized and prepared. :) The book sounds fascinating. Glad it is so interesting.


  5. It says you're a big copy cat! Any more questions?

  6. I'm always planning to have snacks available in the fridge...and when I don't have healthy ones there, it's too easy to grab an ice cream bar. Not good, even though they're weight watchers bars.

    Great idea!

  7. The neatness of those snacks appeals to me too.

  8. This reminds me of my daughter's veggie drawer that is full of these "to go" snacks. The kids take them to school every day, and even munch on them during the day when they're home. Looks very familiar to me! For me, I only have carrots, and celery pieces in a plastic container, and it's filled with water to stay crisp... (don't always make it)

    Did you get a chance to make the focaccia?...you don't even have to put the yeast in warm water to desolve; that's the easy part about it, everything goes in the mixer, and all you have to do is to stretch the dough out and it's ready for the topping, and baking!

  9. Those snack things look like a great idea. Perfect for my household, with my husband and daughter always searching for snacks.