Monday, May 14, 2012

Swell Swag!!!

Look at this stuff! Swag...true swag from Hogarth! At first I thought it said
Hogwart's! I was looking for wands and a spell book!

Here is news from The Bookseller about

"The spirit of Virginia and Leonard Woolf's literary imprint the Hogarth Press will be revived on both sides of the Atlantic after Random House announced the launch of a new fiction imprint.

Hogarth will launch in summer 2012 and will focus on "contemporary, character rich" publishing. It will publish between eight and 10 books a year in the United States. The UK wing of the imprint will publish a smaller number of titles each year, with the list comprising exclusively of titles published by its US sister.

Molly Stern, senior vice-president and publisher at Crown will lead the imprint in the US. Clara Farmer, Chatto & Windus publishing director will head it up this side of the Atlantic.

Among the lead titles in both territories is I Am Forbidden by Anouk Markovits, originally acquired by Crown's Lindsay Sagnette from Scott Moyers of the Wylie Agency, and The Watch by Joydeep Roy-Bhattacharya, bought by Chatto's Hardie from Arabella Stein on behalf of Nicole Aragi.

I am Forbidden is a three-generation saga set in the secretive Hasidic Satmar sect.

The Watch is set in modern-day Kandahar, following an Afghan woman who is demanding the return of her brother's body from a US military base.

Farmer said: "This dynamic new venture marks the timely revival of the Hogarth name for a new generation, and for a transatlantic audience.

"The original Hogarth Press has been a treasured and vital part of Chatto's identity for 65 years, and its books remain distinct from the new list, which will also be housed within Chatto & Windus."

The Woolfs founded Hogarth Press in 1917 and early publications included T S Eliot's The Waste Land. It was acquired by Chatto in 1946."

I can't wait to read all of these but I am really ecstatic about The Kissing List and The Dead Do Not Improve. The Kissing List is intertwining stories about 4 women...I love this kind of book and The Dead Do not Improve is sort of a sarcastic intense mystery...I will be stretching what I normally love to read with the first two books but I really want to step out of my reading safety zone!!!

The books are so new and they smell so good...that hot off the press new paper smell!

Am I the only one who loves the smell of printed paper?


  1. How fun! I hope you love the books!

  2. I passed on these and it was tough. I already have way too much to read.

  3. You are not the only one who loves that scent! Even older books have their own special aroma that reminds me of wonderful moments in libraries as a kid.

  4. This was nice. I know you'll knock it out like the reading champion you are!

  5. Great photos! I am looking forward to reading the I Am Forbidden..
    Saga Material is my cuppa tea ;) If only I can get past the four million review books perhaps I can read on my own schedule, someday.