Friday, May 18, 2012

What Is Happening Today...

Reading this...really really good...I love English them...this one has begun with a bang!

Got these from Vine...yummy...

This came from Lauren Bisom and St. Martin's Press via NetGalley! Sounds very different...out of my comfort zone but I kind of like that lately!

Den is finally home...tonight we are doing soft shells on the grill with baby roasted potatoes and fresh peas. We should be having ice cream for dessert...don't you agree?
Soft shells are in season here and so good...we have been grilling them...lightly basted with a butter olive oil fresh garlic tabasco sauce combo.
I know...they look kind of creepy but they taste really good.

We are experimenting with summer "cocktails"...tonight is Tom Collins night.
Really good gin, fresh lemon juice, and simple syrup topped off with club soda.

I just love Friday nights!
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  1. Joshilyn Jackson raved over SHINE SHINE SHINE. You need to make Yellow Fevers - fill a glass half full with lemonade, add a shot of vodka and fill the rest of the glass with Sprite or 7-Up. Very refreshing on a hot day.

  2. I don't do crab unless it's crab cakes but that is a cool picture.

  3. Tom Collins sound so retro!!

  4. Being from Maryland, you know I'm all over the crab! Can't wait to go pickin' here soon. We have a family reunion every summer and pick crabs for hours -- always lots of fun! Old Bay everywhere!

    I'm looking forward to Where We Belong -- Giffin can be hit or miss for me, but I have high hopes for this one!

    1. I had no clue you could pick your own!!!

      We pick our own from Hill's seafood!

  5. Your dinner plans sound divine. When do you want me there?

    I love Tom Collins. I had two Cosmos at the conference yesterday evening and they were so strong, I had to stay awhile before I got in the car to drive home.

  6. Oh, these all look so good! But my favorite thing right now is what you're eating and drinking tonight...yum!