Thursday, May 3, 2012

I Just "Gotta" Post!

Gotta have...
I had a store credit!!!
It covered this!!!
I just "had" to get this!
My favorite kind of shirt...oversized and slouchy...I love slouchy!!!

Gotta make?
Found this on Pinterest, of course, but it led me to this amazing blog...the Bees Knees Bungalow! This very creative person made it out of all found stuff. I would have to buy everything new and then trash the pots to make them look old and mine would then take twice as much time and cost five times more but I love this wreath. Her site is beautiful!

Gotta surprises never changes...
Lucy always crosses her paws like this. I truly think she is right handed. She always touches my iPad with her right paw.
She looks bored with getting her photo taken, doesn't she?
Or possessive of Den?

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  1. That top is adorable but I'd look pregnant in it. Lucy looks like she's annoyed to me.

  2. I think Lucy looks like she's plotting something...revenge? For not having all of your attention?

    I love that wreath...and the slouchy top. Cute!