Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hmmm...Sheer Randomness!

Other than the fact that I have long brown hair...I want my hair to look like this!!!

I can't even begin to figure it out...from Pinterest, of course. But to just be able to tumble your hair into this at night for dinner?
I will figure this one out!

The winner of The Year Of The Gadly...Ti from Bookish Chatter!!!

I just finished this...Berkshires, summer, Dragonfly Lake, Peach Bellinis, swimming,
love angst, even salted almonds! This book has everything.

We began planting...just a few pots...but that summer feeling is within reach!!!
Here is the front door...I always put a fern on the bench...I have to get that tomorrow!
That's me in the reflection with my pink iPad!

Another pot...I always plant pink, purple, blue and white trademark.
See my rusted horse? I love him! Every year Den asks me if he can clean him up and every year I scream NO!

Happy Saturday!!!

We are off to dinner...we are light meat eaters but we are both craving steaks. I want a wedge salad and a little fillet and a baked potato!
And a crisp cool drink...and ice cream!

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  1. Even if I knew how to do it, it would take me forever to fix hair like that. I want to see a picture of you without an iPad in front of your face!

  2. I hope your dinner is delicious! I love the flowers and plants- it looks so beautiful. I think that hairdo is awesome. I wish I knew how to do it! Perfect for the summer. :)

  3. I am not good with hair! Luckily, my daughter is a stylist and if I need something fancy, she can do it.

    Your garden and front door (with the porch) are awesome!

    I just got home after spending the whole day with my youngest son and daughter-in-law, plus Noah.

    Happy weekend.