Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cats And Guests...What Is Up With That?

Lucy is a very congenial kitty. She has played with babies and toddlers. She is well will let people hold her...she is generally very well behaved...
My sister and her husband are visiting. My sister's husband is not a cat person. He can not even be charmed by the lovely Lucy Grace. He is also allergic to cats. But not to Lucy. So...when we are at my sister's house Lucy stays in our room. But when they are here...she is out and available all of the time.
Here is the thing...Lucy is obsessed with the one person who will never notice her!
She sits next to him. She watches him. When he gets up, she leaps to his chair! She slithers under his legs when they are propped on an ottoman. She even tried talking to him yesterday. She is hopelessly hooked on getting his attention...right now it is morning and she is pacing the hallway screaming in an effort to get his closed bedroom door to open!
My sweet little kitty has an unrequited crush on someone who doesn't even notice her. She loves her Uncle Bill!
Happy Saturday!

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  1. Poor Lucy...this is so catlike, though. They want what they can't have.
    Lucky girl, though, for all she does have!
    She's awesome, & lucky to have you who loves her so much! :-)

  2. Ha-ha, so funny...and so true. My eldest son doesn't like cats, either; hence, the ones I've had were always trying to "seduce" him, too.

  3. Isn't that always the way...unrequited love...I love that pic of the "mended, broken heart!"