Monday, April 30, 2012

A Visit From My Sister!

My sister Paula and her husband are stopping by for the week end on their way to the Outer house is always guest ready but...this little visit tweaked us and jump started some other house and yard's how that went down..
Hated the guest room three new ones...

Hated that another guest room looked too down the double bed and put in a daybed. Lucy's bed is next to the day bed. It looks like a comfy reading room now!

Amvets called...and since I was reorganizing upstairs rooms I had stuff to giveaway...that led me to go through one closet and resulted in five immense bags of shoes and clothes to give away!!!
While I was doing this, Den was working on the stones and landscaping...which led us to the purchase of new deck chairs for the sun deck...I had really lovely rockers out there that my mom and dad bought me but mushrooms were growing out of them and they fell apart...seriously...mushrooms?
We do live in the mushroom capitol of the world...but this was freaky!
Apparently we should have purchased a third deck chair!

You might wonder what if anything I have learned from any of this?
Apparently even when I think I am ready for anything...I am not!
We are older than we realize...we hurt, ache, and are exhausted!
But ready for guests...
other than groceries, some deck plants, a fern for the front planter, washing all the guest bed linens, actually dusting, planning menus, getting beer and wine, planning a fun activity for Saturday, going out to dinner Saturday night and sending them off on Sunday!


  1. Nothing like some Spring cleaning and purging to make a gal feel good.

  2. How exciting! Nothing like a house guest to get you moving. Mushrooms in the chair??

  3. WOW! Now I know why I haven't heard a peep from you.... you've been busy!
    Hope the weekend went well

  4. What did you do with the double bed?! Give it to the AmVets too? Did you need new lamps? Really? Lol...It looks like Lucy is sitting outside--without her netted shelter. OMG! Is that the deal? Have fun.

  5. Wow, I hope your sister and brother in law feel special. I didn't know Lucy is allowed outside.

  6. Oh, I am quite familiar with how one "simple" project can lead to major renovations! lol

    I like that room with the daybed. In my house in the foothills, one of my guest rooms had a daybed. They do make great reading areas.

    I am chuckling about the mushrooms....

  7. Just checking out your new patio chair-looks exactly the same type of furniture, color, and all...just like my daughter Lora's on their patio. They bought the entire set, including outdoor dining room table, w/6chairs. I see Lucy has made herself comfortable on cute!
    Love the day bed in the guest room...good timing, to get new stuff when you know guests are visiting!
    Mushrooms in the chair?...LOL would love to have seen that!...kind of "creepy"

  8. Wow! You were busy! Hope you had a fun visit. Whenever I have guests I always think I am ready- but then I always change things up. :)


  9. Wow, that's a lot of work. I'm sure it'll be wonderful having your sister visit.

    I'm glad we never get actual guests. If it's our friends, we make them bring their own sleeping bags and set them up on the rec room floor.