Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Very Busy Saturday!!!

Oh my goodness...I love to change things around the house to fit in with the seasons...

This requires way too many bins and way to much moving around but it freshens things up and gives us new treasures to look at...I have forever collected clue why other than just loving them.

Here is the Spring Going Into Summer fireplace...

And here is the Spring Going Into Summer pie safe...the painting is one that my parents bought for me...and it is my beloved Maine...a lovely red boat in the harbor.
The jar holds precious seashells.

And I am just starting!!!

Happy Saturday!!!

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  1. Ah, love the watermelons...and the ducks! I think I mentioned I have a wooden melon hanging in the dining room, along with watermelon trinkets in the cupboards....


  2. Your fireplace looks so cozy :)

  3. What fun to have seasonal displays! I love Maine! Great to have a little area dedicated to a favorite place. :)