Monday, April 16, 2012

School Days...Lots Of Required Reading!!

Love this book...getting used to the narrators...who are a mother and daughter who were hurt in a school fire...this book was a little trying in the beginning because Gracie and her daughter Jenny are sort of out of their bodies and are able to talk to each other and follow people around the hospital as they try to determine who set the school fire...if it was set.
To add to the drama they are both seriously injured. There are lots of great puzzling parts of this book that are making me change my mind about the characters as I read but I don't mind that at pretty much all of my predictions so far are totally wrong...
I plan to finish this today simply because I can't stand not knowing the outcome.

I will be reading this very shortly...thank you, Jennifer!
Thank you, Hannah from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt!!!
Via NetGalley, of course...
But thanks to Hannah I will have a hard copy to giveaway...soon...
This book has the private school secret society thing going on that I adore.

I can't wait!!!

Have you heard about this one? It's sort of based on the fact that every five years Harvard grads fill out a " red book " which I think sums up what they have been doing for the past five years...this is one of those special books highlighting four very different women who were at school together. They reconnect at their twenty year reunion...sounds delicious to me.

So...are you reading any school books soon?


  1. I can't think of any upcoming school books, but I don't always know what a book is about before I dive in.

  2. Oh, I think The Red Book sounds awesome, too; it's on my wish list.

    I'm now VERY curious about how Afterwards will unfold.

  3. I am very curious about all of the books you are reading. My next book is Red Riding Hood. I won it in a hop and I can't wait to dive in!