Saturday, April 21, 2012

Of Course It's About Books...Especially On A Rainy Sunday!!!

Finished this...flawed dysfunctional intense serial killer or two...and lost girls...really really first book by this author but not my last.

Just started this...from Random House Children's via NetGalley...already dysfunctional YA characters...

Redesigned family room mantel...can you tell what's missing? Don't mind the cozy throw over someone's's chilly, rainy and foggy today...

Happy Sunday!


  1. We're thinking of just lazing around, napping and reading today. The seagulls are missing from the fireplace.

  2. It is rainy here and a bit chilly. I am looking forward to getting cozy on the couch soon and reading. :) The Reckoning sounds great and The Girl in the Park has a cover that makes me very intrigued. I noticed that the seagulls are gone.

    Happy reading!

  3. These look good! I like these kind of suspense novels.
    What do you do with books when done with them?
    I'm always curious what people do. Sunny & cool here!

  4. Yes, I was also going to mention the seagulls...but actually, I thought they were ducks....

    I enjoy having a cozy throw or two when I read. Except for today...I had the air conditioner on for awhile. It was supposed to reach 95.

    I can't wait for my new Amazon Vine books...I'm expecting The World Without You (Joshua Henkin) and Heartbroken (Lisa Unger).

    Enjoy your cozy day!

  5. These books look really good :) It's rainy there? Oh, I'm so jealous!