Friday, April 20, 2012

I Say Why Not!

See this?

I want it under my deck...

Well...not the table but the lights!

Our under the deck looks just like this...Den does not believe that our under the deck should be is a topic that is still...under

We will discuss...take a vote...and Lucy will cast the tie breaker vote...she has already been bribed! With catnip filled kitty cassette tapes!

Off to get my purple nails!!!

Reading this... A very British mystery on a foggy day? Perfection!!!

Happy Friday!


  1. Oh, love that deck all lit up...I saw that, Patty, on Pinterest...and repinned it!


    Purple nails, or nails verging from dark blue to purple, are my signature colors!

    Lucy does not look convinced!

  2. I love that space under the deck and I 100% think lights are in order! A friend has something similar and it is so magical to sit there at night with the lights. Lucy will definitely vote with you. ;) I love purple! :)


  3. Well you have to have light to eat out there at night anyway. Why not pretty, fanciful lights?

    I ADORE that shade of purple. I look a little like a vampire when I wear it though.

  4. I love the purple nails :)