Monday, April 2, 2012

Hmmm...My Bookish Goals This Week...

I am in the midst of reading the the mystery of it...Vermont setting...women being taken and murdered and left in odd spots with religious pamphlets in their pockets and oodles of suspects...oodles. The main character is, of course, dysfunctional all on her own. She used to have a prestigious career but now lives with a mini pig named Henrietta and lots of dogs and writes a sort of household remedy column. It's the kind of column that tells you how to use baking soda in a hundred different ways. The last dead body has been positioned against a tree on her property so she is very involved in the mystery. I love the's lovely.

I am alternating between physical books and is working for me!!!
Next I plan to read this because I love alternating realism with keeps me totally confused.

And then I hope to squeeze in this...because it just looks so good I can't stand it... is the thing...I have a life beyond books...I really do!!!
I meet with friends and talk to my husband and go for walks and organize closets and make dinners and see family and plan vacations and buy stuff and pin...I spend some of my time pinning on Pinterest!!!

Too much time...

I play Words With Friends with my brother and my husband and others. I am now playing Draw Something with my sister in law. I spent most of yesterday cleaning and doing laundry. I make yummy dinners full of fresh organic stuff!!!
Sometimes if and when I feel sorry that I stopped teaching...I wonder how I would have squeezed in all of this stuff...especially Pinterest!!!
I seriously do not know the meaning of idle time any more...I am always doing something while doing something else!!!

My mom used to call me a day dreamer...she would laugh and say " my Patty always has her head in the clouds".
Wow...not any more...I am a fast paced brisk walking word playing reading pinning drawing multitasker!!!

Whew!!! this good or bad? Is it because of my iPad? I am never without it. I read in between everything else that I do on it. I take videos and photos on it...the only mistake I made is not getting the most memory on

It's so fast and so helpful addictive?

Does anyone else feel this way?


  1. I have a lot going on as well. I can't figure out how people have the time to be bored.

  2. I have no idea how I got anything done when I was doing my "regular" career all those years! Real life and all the good things do take up a chunk of time, so it is hard to imagine doing this stuff while working at a job.

    I guess I'm putting my full commitment into the things that give me pleasure now...isn't that a great way to go?

    Sounds like you're doing the same....