Sunday, April 1, 2012

Can't Wait To Read These...

Ok...the actual finding of a in need of a rescue...makes me want to find out more about this one...OMG...the lion's name is Marcel.

This one is about four girls/women with sort of interlocking stories of their lives and their growth. Described as witty, emotional and resonant...I am all about resonance!

And this one just looks Englishy good...

All books to dream about reading...
Read, reviewed and rated this...

This book was so scary and awesome and chilling and sad and wonderful...there just must be a sequel!!!

What is on your bookish mind lately?


  1. I laughed at Englishy good even though I think the book looks good too.

    1. Plus you got that Englishy book in your mailbox...I was tempted to choose it on Vine but do many others called out to me...too many others...

  2. My next one would be anything by Neil Gaiman.

    How do you get hold of these books to read?

    Look up Excellent collection and beautiful reviews!

  3. I am half way through Lowcountry Punch and The Hunger Games is next!
    That Uninvited Guests looks interesting!

  4. These books all look great and I am sure they will keep you turning pages! I really like the one with the lips... Is it called The Kissing Lies? The Kissing List? I can't make it out- but the description sounds great! Happy reading!


  5. I like the look of The Uninvited Guests...

    Today and yesterday, I was totally caught up with two of my they've both gone home and I'm exhausted. lol

  6. Like I told you, my next read will be...The Immortal Rules! although, they all sound amazing!

  7. Wow Patty, you're famous!!!!!!!!!!!!!1