Sunday, April 8, 2012


I found a few of my bunnies...they appear to have found their way onto various shelves around the house...but there are more in a lost bin in the basement.
Hopefully I will find them soon!!!
So...without further Biggest Bunny!!!

And Carved Bunny!!!

And Moveable Bunny!!! He likes being next to Brown Wooden Duck!!!

And Stone Cold Bunny!!!

And Handmade By My Sister Paula Married Without Bunnies Bunnies!!! They have been litter less for 5 years now...

Do bunnies come in litters?

Happy Easter!!!


  1. Do Dust Bunnies count?
    Happy Easter!

  2. bunnies don't come in litters... they come in kindles....
    hmmmm. does that mean they know how to read?

    1. Oh my goodness...a kindle of bunnies...I love them even more!!!

  3. Of course you'd be fully prepared for any decorating occassion! Ha! Wait. No bunny ears for Lucy?! No rabbit costume? No hiding in a basket? You are falling down on the job, lady!

  4. There once were some cloth bunnies sitting on the hearth at my LA son's house.

    I don't know if they're still there, since I haven't been to the house in awhile....but they were there year round.

    I like the carved and wooden ones. Glad you found them.

    I probably have some dust bunnies, like

    Happy Easter Bunny Day!

  5. The final photo of bunnies are bunnies that my aunt made us...and I still have mine and the clothes that we made for her.

  6. I hope that you have time to put up your National Poetry Month Blog Tour post.