Thursday, March 22, 2012

Gone? A Review...

This was..

a story of a really messed up marriage.

My thoughts...

The story was told in unfolding alternating Nick and Amazing Amy. I love when an author does this...and also the book was divided into three yummy parts...the before, the going on now, and the what happens next.

This book was very intense...Nick and Amy...two very flawed people...lose, lives in NYC, townhouse, and Amy's trust fund. She is the beloved only child of a writing team who have based their best selling books on her life...thus she is...Amazing Amy. Only snippets of her life within the book reveal how messed up this has made her...whew!!!

This book was a tense nail biting ride...Amy disappears one morning and of course Nick is under suspicion. Everything he does and says incriminates him...he is stupid and reckless and cocky. He is a mess. He tries to help his new police buddies and only digs himself deeper and deeper into being the suspect. He smiles inappropriately, he acts inappropriately...he does everything wrong...including an affair with a student...a young student.

It's as though Nick is being pulled along a tortuous path by someone who is dastardly and devious and manipulative...I wonder who that could be?


This isn't a book that I can reveal to was laden with twists and turns and chilling surprises. Once I thought I knew what was happening I was knocked down by another surprise...and not a good one.

I started this on Sunday night...and literally read it all night is so gripping I could not put it down...there was never a point when I wanted to stop reading...I actually could not stop.

This book is that great.

It has brilliant writing, amazing characters, an unfreakingbelievable of the best books I have read this year...

It was so much more than a was an event. It was a long soulful look into the lives of two destructive people who are supposed to love each other. It was a ride with a character who was so evil and so determined to get revenge on the other...amazing stuff.

Truly a wonderful book. Every single page I spent with these two weird people...every chilling eye opening event was mesmerizing...mesmerizing.

This book had the most flawed, evil, dangerous, engrossing and creative characters that I have encountered in a long time.

It was an unforgettable book.

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  1. I love it when a book is told from alternating points of view as well - it gives you a better picture of the whole story. This book sounds great!

  2. I love alternating viewpoints as well. This sounds really good. The whole Amazing Amy thing makes it a bit surreal!

  3. I can't keep up with the books you recommend. But that's rather awesome. I know exactly where to come next time I need a book and am looking for suggestions. Thanks!!

  4. I enjoyed Flynn's other books. This one is definitely on my tbr list.

    1. This one is different and her best.

  5. Of course, Laurel, my finger swiped delete for your iPad won't let me cut and paste I am quoting you...

    Laurel liked my description and made a copy of the cover of Gone Girl so that she will remember to get it!!!

    Thanks, Laurel!!!

  6. I love this cover of this book and after reading this amazing review- I need to get out and read this book. It sounds fabulous!!! Yeah!

  7. Luckily, I just happen to love flawed, evil, dangerous, engrossing and creative characters... !!

    1. Then...this is the book for you!!!