Thursday, March 8, 2012

This Could Be Dinner!!!

I yearn to go to one of these dinners. They are put on by a group called...
Outstanding In The Field.

They have a blog and a website and amazing farm to table dinners are put on all over the country.

There are dinners on the East Coast and in the Rockies and the West Coast as well as the Midwest and Canada.

You eat outside...everything is fresh, local and amazing!!!

Doesn't it look like fun?


  1. I have one of their cookbooks and would love to go to one of the dinners.

    1. I know...we have never been able to time it properly...

  2. I've seen this on TV. I would LOVE to do it.

  3. Oh, this looks awesome! What fun!

  4. it would be amazing!! Set one up and I'll be sure to attend, lol!!

  5. This is a dinner I would LOVE to attend. What beautiful settings and the food sounds delicious! I will have to check them out!