Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Cleaning...Sort Of...

I am spring books...physical and virtual...
I have a plan to stay on top of Amazon Vine books...and read as many NetGalley books as I can until June 20th.
The first official day of summer!!!
Then on the first day of summer I will be free to read whatever I want to read all summer long.
June 21st until the first day of school...I will read the old fashioned way...whenever and whatever I want...
I like my plan...don't you?

And sort of accidentally yesterday I picked up this book...
Sent to me by two lovely friends...

It is beautifully written and delightfully engaging. The story is quite mysteriously mischievous and easy to follow. Middle graders will love these characters. They are all quite interesting. I love Fairday and her baby sister Margo. I love her best buddy Lizzy and new friend Marcus.

And their adventure was spot on.

Fairday's family moves to a new house that is old and unique. It has lots of hidden rooms and one amazing mirror that leads them to an amazing adventure.

Some surprising adventures involve an unusual pair of sparkly high heeled sneakers and a wardrobe that follows directions. Add these to the plight of the unlovely Ruby Begonia (prior resident of Begonia House) and you have good clean scary fun and a great adventure.

Oh...I can't forget a very nasty willow tree and a very mean gypsy and!!!

Scary good fun...

I won't tell you any more...this has to be an adventure that awaits you!!!

I also loved the messages to bullies within this was done perfectly...the authors did a beautiful job!!!

This was a really cool book...I am hoping there is more for the DMS.

That would be the Detective Mystery Squad. They are just too good at solving mysteries.


  1. Love (and am a little bit envious) of your plan. I also want a reading room like the one in the photo! Is it yours?

  2. Very good plan....I wonder what would happen if I threw out the schedules and just read for fun?

    Not that I don't enjoy my reading now, but when I write that I'm reading certain books during the week, it feels necessary to do just that.

    But who is monitoring my reading? it is completely doable.

    When you described the house in the book with hidden rooms, etc., I was reminded of a house in which we lived in the late seventies. It was huge and went on and on. Rooms had been added, willy-nilly. But the most amazing thing was that, inside one of the closets, there was a panel that slid and opened up a passage way that led into another secret nook behind the bookshelves in the family room. Oh, my kids had so much fun with that!

    Then they explored incessantly, hoping to find more passage ways...but those were the only ones.

    1. That house sounds captivating...

      I love the books I am reading now...but I need my old way for a bit...

  3. Sounds like a great plan! I may have to borrow it.
    And the book sounds fun, too.

  4. I know...I am amazed that I came up with it...I think we should all do

  5. Hi Patty! Thank you so much for the wonderful review for The Secret DMS Files of Fairday Morrow. Stephanie and I truly appreciate you taking the time to read it and share you thoughts about Fairday and her adventures with the DMS. I think your plan sounds fab! Have a great night : ) ~ Jess

  6. Hi Patty- What a wonderful review! Your brought a large smile to my face! So glad that you enjoyed the adventure with Fairday and her friends. Thanks so much for reading it and mentioning it on your blog. We are working on the next book now. :)

    Happy reading! ~Stephanie
    P.S. I love sunflowers- great picture!