Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I love comfy them!!! I hate tight...hate it!!!

I am of the very firm belief that some things were meant for me...

All of these were meant for me...especially the hat...I love hats!!!

I particularly love this hat...Dennis and Lucy think it is meant for me, too.

Even the name of the store is's called Creatures of Comfort!!!

Reading this...and it is totally fun!!!

I love the middle of the's sort of restful!!!

Happy Midweek To You!

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  1. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are my favourite days, for the obvious reasons:)

    I love hats too. I have my eye on a pretty Tilly hat, I think it'd be just the thing for my trip to Africa.-That's what I say about all hats,hee

    1. This is the perfect hat for any kind of travel...Out Of Africa...that movie...with Meryll Streep...

  2. OMG I LOVE that dress. It would probably look silly with my big hips, but it's SO cute.

    1. I think hips would be

  3. I love to be comfy, too! The dress looks fab. I also like the hat a lot! I have been getting more into hats as I get older. :)

  4. I adore hats, but they don't look good on me. So I hang them on my hall tree...various shapes, colors, sizes. Like decoration.

    I have another rack for purses (in my bedroom).

    I am in favor of comfort....