Sunday, February 26, 2012

Movies And Cars And Books...And Sushi!!!

Today is sort of a double header for opposite events at our house...
some obscure car race is apparently going on in Florida and the Oscars are on tonight!!!

The best part of the Oscars is watching Joan Rivers later "discussing" who wore what.

I am fiercely reading NetGalley books before they expire but that is actually something I love about NetGalley.  Almost like borrowing library books...and it really does help to keep me on task.

I finished this...from NetGalley...YA...and really good.  I loved it.  Totally witchily private academy
soulmate kind of stuff...but again...delicious!!!

New York setting, powers, evils and again...some bad demony and the other just a mad envious teen.

Good stuff.

And this...from AmazonVine...
also YA...also really good.  Great characters...a teeny bit of a sizzling romance and a life lesson.

This is my weekend book.

But before I started my weekend book I squeezed in one more NetGalley book.

Yum...vampire...vampire hunter...Van Helsing...horses...disappearing girls...overly protective brothers...horses...Rika and Sali...horses...

And if you are in a mystery kind of authory friend Scott Nichelson is giving this away to Kindle owners on Amazon.

I think that today might just be the last day to download this trilogy for free!!!

Happy Sunday!!!

Take away sushi is on for dinner tonight whilst we watch the Oscars that are most likely boring but fun!!!


  1. That's what I hate about net galley - I guess you're better about keeping on task than I am.

  2. I love Joan Rivers - she is a hoot! We were just discussing her with friends and she'll be 79 this June - on the other hand, her face is approximately two months old, lol!!

  3. Yes, I've set my DVR for all the events and just finished watching the first Red Carpet getting ready to watch the award show live.

    The Cottage at Glass Beach looks good....

  4. It looks like you pick up all the books for me :) I really love them all :)

  5. I love sushi. Yum! I love the cover of The Cottage at Glass Beach. Looks so good! I like to watch the Oscars to see what everyone is wearing. :)