Monday, February 13, 2012

Bread...Breathtakingly Beautiful...

Here is the thing...I am really fascinated with bread baking...I think I really love making bread but I am not that great at it. I am sort of easing my way into it.
Thanks to reading dozens of food blogs daily...I think I am actually getting to be a reasonably decent bread baker...
The best thing is that if the bread doesn't exactly do what I think it should do...or gets too brown or we don't like it...I toss it off the deck for the ducks and crows and everybody is happy!!!
I want to make bread that looks like far that has not happened.

I also don't like touching the dough. I like using a food processor or KitchenAid mixer to do all of the kneading.

I have also learned that there are no miracles in bread making.

If it doesn't rise in the won't rise in the

Also it's not good to let it rise in the laundry room on top of the dryer...out of sight...and forget about it until the following morning.

Also not good is putting the bowl of rising bread under a pretty dish towel in the sun room in the sun.

A cat just could step in it...Lucy's version of punching down the dough.

I love and have these bread books...I am thorough when it comes to my research!!!

I love making pizza, too.

There is something rewarding about working with mom was a master bread maker.

Can it be genetic?

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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  1. Breadmaking is a real art. I remember when my grandmother would visit and she'd bread ready to go into the oven before I was hauling myself out of bed! She came from a time when everyone baked their own bread and it was no big deal to her.

    1. Whoa...then I am in the infant stages for sure!!!

    2. It appears we're in the same boat then! I've never HAD to make my bread (unlike our grandparents) and when I do, it's more of a luxury and therefore a bigger, more time-consuming endeavor! I made yeast cinnamon buns the other day, but I cheated and started them in my breadmaker :)

  2. This made me hungry! I think it's great you're learning to do this. I wouldn't have the patience.

    1. It's fun plus plus I am a big hit with the ducks...I swear they sit at the edge of the pond and wait for bad bread days...

  3. Great post! Yum! Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. Happy Valentine's Day...and good luck with the bread baking. As you know, I don't do a lot in the kitchen....bread is something best left to

  5. I've tried bread several times and I totally failed, so now I'm afraid of yeast.

  6. I'm never confident with working with yeast, but I am fasinate about bread baking. It's so amazing to have freshly baked bread right from your oven everyday. I will have to try baking my own bread often :)

  7. I have such a passion for bread that I'm afraid of baking it ('cause I'll eat the whole loaf).

    Great post.

    I hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day.

  8. Patty-I hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day! Loved the bread, and of course with Lucy's way of kneading the dough!
    Sorry, that I didn't get to comment sooner:((

  9. What a fun endeavor! I have never made bread before- but I love to eat it. I think it is great that the bread that doesn't turn out right can be eaten by the animals. :) Way to be green! I think if I was to make bread i would prefer to not touch it, like you. Thinking of the feeling of moist dough on my hands doesn't appeal to me. Happy bread making! Hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day

  10. Bread is my weakness. I love fresh bread..I have a bread maker though I don't use it nearly enough. The local baker makes a beautiful loaf which I buy just for me - the kids get the supermarket stuff LOL