Thursday, January 5, 2012

We Should Really Just Be Reading...

There are so many amazing wonderful beautiful books out there.  So many favorite and new authors to explore.  How can all of this lovely reading be managed?
It's easy.
I have come up with the perfect solution.
I used to do it with my second graders every single day at different times.
Drop everything you are doing and read!!!
Oh my.
With my second graders...the lively meant a mad dash to the shelves...until I took a minute off of their recess for the time that they spent fiddling and looking for a book.
Slowly they learned to keep their library books close by.
And they would actually look through our shelves and choose a book in the morning.
First mostly picture books.
Then books that I read to them.
And eventually chapter books.
And pretty soon everyone in my class became a book lover.
That was my gift to my students.
Now it's my gift to me.
I am dropping everything to read.
I can't stand not to.

Here are some new ones from NetGalley.
Shouldn't we all drop everything and just read?




  1. I wish I had the time to drop everything and read. Have fun!

  2. Good point. I'm dropping this internet thing for a book . . .

  3. I have read and loved several Nicci French books...I'm wishing to read Blue Monday.

    It's been awhile since I've read a Tami Hoag book, too. Time to change that!


  4. Laurie you should!!!

  5. I recently decided that as a language arts teacher, reading qualifies as "professional development." It is not such a stretch. I am with you all the way! We don't have to wait for time; we just have to take the time!

  6. Christy... is the most important thing we do...I was listening to someone really famous say that he was worried about the lack of reading teens do...of course I can't remember who said it but it was profound when I saw it!!!

  7. I know Shelleyrae...they get better and better!!!

  8. Blue Monday and The Lie both look fascinating to me! I love the idea of DEAR! I think it is so nice. I wish they did that at my work. :) Seriously- I try to fit reading into each day because I love it so much. I tend to read at the same time each day- the routine is nice. Happy reading!


  9. Jess...I know exactly what you mean!!!

  10. I think this sounds like a great idea. :) I am a nursing mom so I get the excuse that while I'm nursing I can't do much else, so I read.

  11. Sounds perfect to me...RachelMaryBean...

  12. Hmmm. Maybe I could institute that idea at home.

    That's why I like audio's though. I can listen to a book being read to me and still get stuff done around the house.

  13. Carol...I have not yet listened to any audio...I am very hesitant!!!

  14. I ALWAYS have a book with me. But then I am a bookoholic.

  15. I remember D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read) My son had S.S.R. (Self-sustained Silent Reading which he interpreted as Sit down, Shut up, And Read). Anyway, sometimes that's just what we have to do!

  16. Yes...we do...we have to read!!!

  17. That's a brilliant idea!

    I've already got my 2 year old niece into books. When she visits (she's got her own little library here) she'll say "BOOK!" to me and we grab one of her books and read it (maybe once or twice), then go and get another and repeat several times! :) I'm hoping her love of book continues throughout her childhood.

  18. I'm with ya there. There world would be a better place:)

  19. It will Nicki...just keep it up!!!

  20. You might like to listen to this great programmer from BBC radio (you can listen anywhere in the world online) which is all about the joys and importance of reading: It's called "Stop what you're doing and read this"