Friday, January 27, 2012

Rainy Days And Fun Days!!!

I try to allow myself to let Friday be a free errands, no commitments, no complicated dinner.

It's a time to reconnect, chill, catch up on DVR'd tv and talk about the weekend.

January is such a weird month...and in spite of being on top of everything...our deornamented Christmas tree is still in the middle of the family room!!!

The sad thing is we don't even notice it!!!

Part of the problem is that my hero wants to take it outside on a Monday night...just before trash day.

And we have not remembered for the past two Mondays.

Seriously...ornaments and all signs of Christmas are neatly put away...everything is in order except for a tree in the middle of my living room!!!

Should I laugh or cry?

This day has the makings of a yummy reading I am off to find a cozy nook to read in...

Happy Friday!!!

Oh...just got this book...loving it!!!

It's by bloggers!!!

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  1. Wish I could take Fridays off. That darn job, ruins all my fun.

    I would be going nuts if we still had a tree up.

  2. That's funny. That's totally something that would have been normal in my house growing up. My husband's a bit more on top of things than I am, though.

  3. It's been rainy here for a couple of days, so I've been curled up and reading. I really want to go see One for the Money this weekend, but it's hard to go out when it's rainy. It feels too cozy at home...sigh.

    I once had my Christmas tree up until Of course, it was an artificial tree, but there it was in the dining room (a smallish tree) until I finally took it down. It was a very hectic time in our lives, I guess; plus, did I mention I was kind of depressed? lol

    Why do I keep putting "lol" after these thoughts???

    Love your cookbook.....