Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Please Don't Ask Me To Do This...

Not this little guy but probably his brother/sister was in our basement last night.
I have been telling my husband that the noises he has been hearing are his imagination.
We almost took Lucy to the vet because she refused to go downstairs to the basement  to her litter box.
She would go down a few steps and stop and listen...
she was freaking me out.
I thought she was ill.
She would race to the basement and scream.
We have been giving her calming sprays.
Turns out she was perceptive.
As was Dennis.
We have moved her litter box to the laundry room and barricaded the basement door.
Dennis has been putting peanut butter in a cute little trap that just catches the little varmint.
We had no clue what it was.
Our thoughts ranged from massive rodent to deer to fox.
We should have known better.
We have had a squirrel in our house in almost every state we have lived in.
When we lived in St. Louis a flying squirrel was in the pocket of my robe.
I found that out when I tried to put on my robe.
They are protected and we had to have wildlife agents in to save him.
We have no clue how they get in but the one we found last night did not want to leave.
He was calm and quiet and full of organic peanut butter.
Lucy refused to look at him...or rather she took one look and raced back upstairs.
Dennis wants me to go into the basement to see if he came back in again.
Wasn't there a movie about squirrels jumping on people's heads and attacking them?
I couldn't work out this morning because of that issue.
He can check the basement when he comes home this evening.
Lucy and I are staying upstairs in the squirrel free zone.

Just finished reading this...ooh it was great fun...different and lots of excitement.

Isn't this a great time of year to cozy up with a great book?


  1. Our campus has a large squirrel population. They have jumped onto my head from trees, taken my sandwich out of my lunch bad, hid in my lunch bag... very nice to stick your hand in there while reading a book only to find a furry critter. They don't do anything to you really... they are just annoying. Just find the opening. He's getting in there somehow. When you find it, bait the OUTSIDE and then make sure he can't get back in.

  2. We had squirrels in our attic when we lived in Charlotte and had to get wildlife control out. What a pain. I guess your guy wanted to get out of the cold.

  3. I don't blame you I would stay upstairs too!

  4. Oh, I don't like any kind of rodent, whether mouse, rat, or squirrel...and especially not bats, which came into my house in the foothills on two separate occasions.

    (Over the thirteen-year period that I lived there, that probably doesn't seem like very many times). But once is more than enough.

    Ooh, just the idea of the flying squirrel in your robe makes me want to screech. And I'm not really a screecher.

    I hope you get rid of it! I'll be thinking positive thoughts....

  5. Boozie would have had your visitor for lunch. She ate many of his cousins over the!

  6. I am trying to think positively that they will be nice and stay outside now...

  7. I see your dilemma... oh what the heck, he's so adorable, you can send him to me, lol!

  8. Thanks, I don't want to take him away from his family...

  9. We get plenty of squirrels cute, they're all over the place but don't come inside, unless you invite him/her in. They are totally harmless, but can sure bite, so be careful! Being in the basement is not helping the poor creature to find his way to to go back to his family!

    My cats would find him in a heartbeat, and just hold him down till I get home if it's in the daytime. They did that with a little lizzard, and did not kill it...both of them holding it down, to wait for me to see it!
    Lucy did the right for her life!

  10. Hey, out here in the west we have squirrels. I'd say by your picture ours are bigger. And more dangerous. They carry guns. No one knows how the practice started. I mean these are small guns. Its not like they can go to the store or threaten your cat to steal yours and give it to them. I'm talkn' 2cal bullets. They must be french. Anyway I had a first hand experience with those hombres when I tried to clean up around the bird feeder the other day. Yah,that's right, I heard a click. I turned and he had the drop on me. I could tell by his body language that he meant business. He wanted me to back off from his seeds. I had to think fast. I yelled 'Dog!' and hit the dirt and he made a dash for the trees. I'm glad squirrels speak english. Maybe they picked your door lock? Try a deadbolt. They are crafty out there.

  11. are too too funny...our little East Coast squirrels are tame by your West World standards...thanks for the advice...

  12. I can't get the image of a flying squirrel in your pocket out of my head. THAT sounds like a scene from a movie! I can totally picture it- and I imagine Margo from Christmas Vacation with the squirrel on her head. Hope your visitor decides it is time to go hime. :)


  13. Jess...whatever you are was 10 times worse...