Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Hero!!! I Have A Hero!!!

I love love love my iPad2...but yesterday I did not like it at all. Suddenly it stopped allowing me to send emails from my AOL account.

I spent hours with 4 different technicians...all very capable...I am sure.

I deleted and added AOL...twice.

We reset my iPad2...twice.

I waited while each tech talked to another tech...about a million times.

One tech even talked to AOL.

I made new passwords because they wanted me to.

I established a gmail account because they wanted to test to see if it was the software or AOL.

I continued to get the same annoying message whenever I tried to send an email.

I had a massive headache.

I ate lunch at four.

I gave up...threw in the towel...tried to adjust to my shattered world and a foreign email address.

Then my husband said...and I will never forget these words...I really think they meant more to me than his marriage proposal...anyway...he said...

Let me look at your settings...I almost can't breathe right now...

He clicked something and...I could send emails again!!!


I have email sending capability again!!!

All is right in my far.

And here is the best part...he can't remember what he did to fix it!!!

So if it happens again...I shudder...I tremble...I can't even think about it!!!

But for now...he is my hero!!!

And I now have two email addresses which means more places to check mail?

Not sure if that is good or bad but...

Question of the day...who is your hero today?

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  1. It's great to be married to a geek!

  2. Awesome! I haven't had a hero in

    But I do recall the feeling....

    Usually it's my eldest son, when we're Skyping and talking computer stuff. He is my guru.

  3. Computer problems are always so stressful! I am glad your husband was able to fix it! Definitely hero material for that. Hopefully it won't happen again- but if it does at least you know to start with "settings". Also- I have two emails. I use one for junk email (when people ask me to sign up for "stuff" at stores etc) and another I use regularly. Then- I check out the junk one and save the coupons etc. that look good. Good luck!

    1. I think I like having two emails!!! I do!!!

  4. I think when push comes to shove he could probably do it again! It is always so nice to have a hero ... especially when he's your best friend too!