Saturday, January 28, 2012

I Love Lucy Or Why I Fold Laundry In The Family Room...

Lucy loves hot laundry...fresh from the dryer...when she hears the beep beep beep of the dryer...

well...she sort of looks at me in anticipation.

I am putty in her paws...

I race to the dryer.

I pull out the laundry.

I place it just so...
in this spot...
if it is the way she wants it she will make a tidy little nest and take a nice little kitty nap. If it is too bumpy...I will try has to be just so.

Lucy likes things right in her world.

We have her trained...LOL.

Notice the naked Christmas tree in the back ground?
Two weeks and is truly amazing how we don't notice it...seriously.

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  1. Ha! That's too funny. What a lucky kitty :)

  2. How adorable, Lucy obviously has you wrapped around her little paw :) As for the tree, given a little time, it's amazing how we can get used to just about anything!

  3. You mean she has you trained! lol

    Sounds wonderfully cozy, though...

  4. So cute :) Your cat has quite a character :)

  5. You have her trained??? You mean, her heated bed is not enough?? LOL.