Monday, January 9, 2012

Hear Me Out?

I need every blogger and writer out there in the world to just slow down and stop writing and blogging and posting.

I need to catch up!!!

I can't unless everyone stops writing.

Forget your deadlines and posts and go out to play...

Go to lunch with a friend.

Go get a coffee.

Go shopping with your mom.

Take a nap.




You can start again in one month from today.

Does anyone out there feel the way I do?

And thank you Alec Baldwin for my newest big distraction.

Words With Friends!!!

I can only read one book at a time and yet I have 7 different games going and I think I am being whooped by everyone out there.

Is it my fault I attract only vowels or a Q without a U?

Happy Monday!!!

I have so many books to read...
I just put myself on a reading schedule.
I have stopped talking to my husband unless it is necessary.
I just bought those glasses that have lights in them...really ugly but I can read at night without bright lights on...that part is cool...

Again...Happy Monday!!!


  1. LOL I can do that ;) In fact, I've been sorta slow these days :)

  2. But, Juju, you at least have a good reason...

  3. Lol! The other day I gave up and just hit "Mark All as Read."

    I haven't tried Words with Friends. I'm afraid it might end up totally controlling my life.

  4. is so much fun...

  5. I am totally right there with you! I need everyone out there to take a week or two off (maybe a month) so that I can catch up. Words with Friends and Scrabble are all addicting! My friend had 20 games going once! I love word games! Hope you can catch up soon-and thanks for making me laugh.


  6. Jess...we will never catch up but that's the fun of it...right?

  7. I feel the same way. I can't catch-up and now I am busy with the Indie Lit Awards stuff.

  8. Oh, dear...well, I could try....but I'm kind of compulsive and obsessive. And when I write something about anything at all, I am communicating with all of you in the blogosphere. Or so I think. Even though only a handful read what I

    You should go ahead and do what you want...don't read on a schedule. Don't write unless you feel like it.

    And maybe we'll eventually do the same....

  9. My sisters and I play WWF. Sibling rivalry at its best, haha.
    I hit the "mark all as read" from time to time too. I didn't post a review last week which almost never happens. I've tried to post at least one each week but the holidays really slowed my reading down. Your post made me laugh and I love the snoopy graphic :)

  10. I love the part about your husband--that's hilarious! This is my favorite part of my day--reading blogs, writing blog posts, commenting on blogs. I am addicted! I can't stop.

  11. Only SIX? I don't play WWF, but my husband is OBSESSED and often has many (MANY) games going at one time.

    I have, however, recently started Scramble With Friends. That, I can get into...

  12. I second this! It's so hard to read everyone's posts. Don't get me wrong, I want to read them all, that's the problem. :-P

  13. The same here, RachelMaryBean!!!

  14. LOL I currently have 17 games going on Words with Friends - I am slightly obsessed :)If you want another game my username is Shelleyrae73

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  15. Shelleyrae...I will find you!!!

    1. Yay you found me! Don't forget I'm in Australia so time zones leave big gaps between plays sometimes :)

    2. I know...but that's good... We will not get bored and might end up with the world's longest running game!!

  16. Mary...that's so funny about playing with your sisters...I love it...
    I guess I just
    had to shout out my feelings

  17. Patty, you are so funny :) I feel I need to do a lot of catching up myself. I want to review at least one book per week but it's been a while I read. I love writing more than reading and yet I have no time to do both as much :(

  18. Tes...thank least I am glad it's not just me!!!

  19. Yup. Totally relate. Gotta get to my books. - LWReyes, author of The Rock of Ivanore

  20. Oh, I agree! And if the great YA books could just pause their publication dates a wee little bit so I could write up the recommendations before everyone else jumped on them!

    I spend waaaay too much time playing Glitch, a funny worldbuilding, trading game (holler if you want an invite).

    If I could just write my YA book recommendations as fast as I read the books, THEN I would have enough time to play more games!

    I found you through MotherReader & Lee Wind's Comment Challenge, so now let's add reading cool new blogs to the time-well-spent list!

  21. Katy...
    I love everything and I am exploring that game!!!

  22. And here I was thinking I can't keep up with you!! I agree, talking to husbands does get in the way of productivity :0

  23. All right, if you insist, I'll go nap. But only because you told me to! ;)

    Man, I wish.

  24. okay.. I love Scrabble so I guess I will have to find this Word with friends... any suggestions where to start?
    Oh and yeah... don't think I'm going to start blogging or writing - - just can't do that right now! hee hee hee

  25. Wow, Patty! Just look at all the comments you got. You sure got everyone's attention. As far as stopping blogging for one month, will not do any good for me, unless I can get guest posts!

    As far as going to lunch, and getting out, I have to make a real effort to plan on these...even if it's the last minute. You are too funny! Just slow down with reading your books and enjoy "me" time, but then again, reading is your "me" time...LOL

  26. I was just thinking yesterday of my long list of "to dos" that are in the creative realm, and the many many ways I get distracted, online and around the house. But the best part of yesterday was when I went jogging with my friend by the beach and we saw hundreds of dolphins swimming 20 yards offshore for the whole 6 mile run. So yes, we need to recharge ourselves for our very busy lives! Thanks for this fun post.

    1. Thank you!!

      Your run sounds delightful...

      I love to recharge!!!