Monday, January 23, 2012

As If We Need More Books!!!

These books caught my attention this week...

Take a look at this one...disappearing mother...turbulent childhood for her daughter...and Maine...even lobsters...sounds like a must read!!!

And this one...described as a sort of gripping tale of a marriage that is falling apart and a wife who will do anything to prevent it from happening...

Yo!!! This kind of dysfunction has my name on it!!!

This one is another family too has been described as gripping and intense...

Oh boy!!! I love gripping!!!

I love intense!!!

I love triple exclamation points!!!

Doesn't it convey my excitement?

Wait...I am excited over dysfunction? Well...kind of but only in books...not my own...


I finally finished reading this...really is on Goodreads...

I started this on Saturday and due to its INTENSITY...
I just finished it now...whew...a fast paced quest kind of book that I normally don't read but did read and did love...lots of bad guys and good guys trying to find something called "anatomicgold" or white ash...which can ultimately alter the history of civilization...

I have no clue what I will be reading next...I think I need something mellow...
like this...

What are you reading today?


  1. I love your picture of the books and cat...even if the cat does look kind of mangy...LOL...*sticks out tongue*...If the cat had been fluffy and cute, it would have been "picture" perfect! Ha!

  2. These all look wonderful. Carry the One is on my wish list! Love your cat and books drawing....

    1. Carry The One is definitely on my book radar.

  3. You crack me up! That first book is right up my alley...and I need to work more books for grown-ups into my reading diet.

    1. Yep...I try to do one grown up book for every five YA'

  4. I love your enthusiasm, too! :) I just finished Winter Garden, which if you are into family dynamic sort of stuff you'd probably like this. It was good.
    I'm not sure what's next, possibly The Night Circus.

  5. OOOH...If loved both but especially The Night Circus...have you read Discovery Of Witches...I love that book!!!

  6. These books look fantastic! I especially like the cover for Carry the One. I haven't read any of the Bad Kitty books- but I hear they are fun.

  7. I love the cover of that red ruby one! I'd pick it up on that picture alone!

  8. I like the Bad Kitty books ever since I needed a read-aloud that would work for both a seven year old and a thirteen year old; Bad Kitty saved my bacon! I'll vote Bad Kitty for president.

    1. I do love bad kitty , too!!.,

      Thank you for stopping by!!!