Friday, September 30, 2011

Say Hello To My Little Friends...

I think that is a line from one of my husband's favorite movies but it applies here.
There is a shop...unfortunately just around the corner from me...and most of my pumpkinnny ( coined word ) treasures came from there.
My goal in life when I stopped teaching was to work there part time until I realized that would not be a good thing for me.
I love this wreath.
I love this time of year.
 I love taking out all of this stuff.
And there is more.
Lots more.
This autumn bad boy is from Bath, Maine and one of my faves...
they all are.

Making homemade pizza today from a book I reviewed for AmazonVine.

I love playing with dough.
I will let you know how it turns out in a future post.
We love nothing better than a simple Friday supper...tonight pizza and salad and a chance to catch up on television that we missed during the week.  I love to stay in on Friday evenings.

What are you doing tonight?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pumpkins Abound...And A Review Or Two...

It looks like a real live pumpkin, doesn't it?
It is my most treasured and fave pumpkin...from my collection.
It came from one of my favorite shops in Maine...Stonewall Kitchens.
I love when October nears so that I can pop this bad boy on the kitchen table and just watch him lovingly for a month.
Hate the color orange in clothes but love it in pumpkins.
I am craving pumpkin pie right now, too.
I feel as though I have been reading nonstop.  I just finished these books within the last week or so...
Rival...loved this even more...beautifully written.
Frost...loved it.
So Near...not in love with this one but it was good.
Drink, Slay, Love...this one was amazing...adored it...
Once Upon A Time There Was You...not so much enamored with this one.

I think I am all over the place with reading material but I kind of like that.
Detailed reviews are on Goodreads.
Someone loves her stroller after 10 days in Maine so I am walking her up and down the street at least once a day.  Our block is only two blocks big and the blocks do not connect so we have to walk up the street and down again.  We are in a neighborhood where no one really knows anyone else that we always get weird looks.
Thank goodness Lucy is thick skinned.

Happy Thursday!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Green Peas In The Freezer!!!

There are still no groceries in our house.
But I am planning on getting lots tomorrow.
Today I had to wait for the Morvent Man.
He tunes up all of our stuff.
Air conditioners.
He gets us ready for winter.
By the time he left my grand grocery shopping plans were down the tubes.
Big time.
I have to go early in the morning or I hate it.
Just the way I always hated stopping for groceries after school.
I like these jobs done.
I have to trek far for my favorite stores.
Fresh Market
Whole Foods
Trader Joe's
They are far far away.
At least 25 minutes.
So tonight is sushi night.
I am getting some yummy Tempura Soup with Soba noodles to help my cough.
Cough cough cough...
Back to the green peas.
Yesterday I made little baby meatloaves.
In muffin cups.
So cute.
But that was all we had until I found the peas.
It was like finding buried treasure.
I pulled dinner out of my

I have tons of books to talk about...and I can't wait to see the newest Kindle Tablet being released is called...
Kindle Fire!!!

I read an Elizabeth Berg book today from NetGalley.
It was good but I didn't love it.
I used to love her.
Do you ever feel as though you have outgrown some of your favorite authors?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things...

I try to anticipate different aspects of life.
Prepping to go away.
Actually going away.
Coming home from going away.
My life is all about making sure everything runs smoothly.
when things do not run smoothly...I tend shall I put this...
fall apart?
Yep...that is the way to put it.
So is all about getting Patty and Den's life back to normal.
In my mind that means finally unpacking my huge bag.
Sorting all of the laundry.  OMG!!!
Dealing with the feeling that the house must be ordered even though we ordered it before we left because we both need to come home to NEAT!!!
And in spite of sounding so in control...I do tend to put certain things off until the last possible minute. 
Take today...
for instance.
We have no visible groceries.
The last thing I want to do is shop.
But we need dinner.  Something not fishy, clammy or lobstery.
Something meaty.
I also...cough cough sick in Maine.  I never get sick in Maine.
I had to go to the Waldo Urgent Care Place.
I am still...cough cough cough...sicky feeling.
I even have an inhaler.
Do not feel sorry for me.
I actually had no appetite and ate the same dinner three nights in a row because my husband made me eat.
My husband had fishy stuff that I could not look at.
I had a tiny filet of beef, a  baby carrot, some baby broccoli, and a tiny potato.
It was the only thing I craved and could actually eat.
Being sick does weird things to my appetite.
I used to only be able to eat white things when I was sick.
I have expanded my sick repertoire.
On another note...
my husband ate a duck fat fried half of an organic chicken in Maine.
All I could do was watch in shock and awe.
He said it was the best thing he has ever eaten.
And while he did that I ate a bowl full of chopped raw tuna with seaweed and soy and mirin, perhaps.
After three filets...I actually ate raw tuna.
It was the only thing my coughing body wanted.
Happy Monday!!!
Cough cough cough.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lucy Needs Her Space...She Wants To Be Alone?

Apparently even my cat needs a vacation from a vacation.
There was really no way for her to get away from us in
She had a few hours of peace when we went to dinner each night but obviously we were invading her space. After 9 hours of incessantly talking to us and at us during our drive home yesterday she immediately disappeared as soon as we walked into the house. All doors were closed...garage, etc. She is strictly an indoor cat. So we did not panic...

But after an hour of unpacking and organizing...we were curious about her absence...then mildly panicked when she didn't answer our calls. We found her, finally, back in the car asleep on top of her carrier.
Apparently looking for solitude.
From us. 
Her people.
And then...
to add insult to an insult...
she rejected us all night long.
When we finally got her into the house she went into the sunroom and actually slept on her cat bed.
She never actually uses her plush huge cat bed.
She usually uses our bed.
She slept away from us all night long.
I am still processing all of this.
I am sure she still loves us.
Obviously just needs a bit of a break from our togetherness.

Dreaming about that last lobster tail...obvi!!!