Saturday, September 17, 2011

Happy Anniversary To Me!!!

Or rather to us...
I guess...but mostly me...

My bridal bouquet was a massive one of white most treasured and favorite flower!!!

And every year since our wedding day my husband fills vase after vase with the tiny white spray roses that I love.

We were out for lunch today and saw a sailboat with a bride and groom and entire wedding party on board...they were married at sea...a fine combination of tuxes and
a beautiful tattooed bride in an amazing gown...a carriage picked them up and took them away...

Aren't weddings wonderful?

I am reading Drink, Slay, is delicious!!!

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Friday, September 16, 2011

It Can't Be...I Will Not Have It...

How can I be in a reading slump?
What does the word slump even mean?
I refuse to believe it.
But I have been reading the same book for endless days...or so it seems.
I love the book but I am not devouring it...I am reading it.
S L O W L Y.

I prefer to be a reading machine...tackling my newly organized Kindle collections one after another while I work my way through my self imposed Goodreads challenge. I wanted to read 130 books before 2011 so that I could set my goal even higher. I thought that was an awesome goal because I hate audio and I only like to read one book at a lonely little book at a time...

Oh me...
Oh my...
I need a cure really soon!!!

What do you do if or when this has ever happened to you?

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Going Out To Dinner...

Sovano Bistro

Once upon a time there was a young man who made pizza.
He made his pizzas so well that everyone wanted them.
Then one day he decided to make more than pizza.
He made amazing other food.
He grew a following.
He uses local products as much as possible.
It is extremely difficult to just walk in to his restaurant.
It is always exceptional and always surprising.
I die for his martinis...crisp and cold and yummy.
The raw tuna starter with not even describable. And then there is his
 calamari starter...he tosses fried lemon slices into it along with a scrumptious dipping sauce.
He has handmade pastas and veggie dishes and Wagyu beef and a whole fish that my husband loves to pieces.
He has hired a dessert magician.
Their creme brulee is the best in the world.
My husband and I always share one...I get to crack the top with my spoon.  It always comes with delectable fresh berries.
Double yum.
We yearn for dinner here.
It is our local go to place.

Do you have an amazing home town favorite place to go to for dinner?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Just Call Me Little Miss Trouble!!!

I do not have real human children.  I have one furkid.
I don't think I noticed just quite how bad she can be...LucyGrace...until I stopped teaching and actually spent more time with her.
She is a purebred Tonkinese and breeders who breed this kind of cat say that they are forever like having a two year old child around.  I think that this is probably true.
If she does not immediately get my attention...she turns into a medium of destruction.
She is small but she will push, shove, bite and lately scream at the top of her kitty get my attention.
She is not an outdoor kitty.
She has an enclosure on our deck.
I do not allow her to be out there alone.
So she will scream at me in order for both of us to go outside and sit on the deck.
I think she does not enjoy being out there alone.
Notice the top picture.  Lucy looks so innocent so lovable...

She is out of control if she finds any of this packing stuff...she will eat it and die if I don't grab it from her.  We cannot have anything in our home like dried flowers or that neat fake greenery.  If we ever had a fake Christmas tree...even the really amazing expensive kind...Lucy would destroy it and her.  I once had a snowman with a teeny bit of greenery.  I thought he would be safe on a way high up there shelf.
He died at the hands of LucyGrace.
So sad.
I love this cat.  She is amazing and funny and people oriented...we travel with her...she is so good in hotel rooms...but look at the evil look on her face in that photo.
I snatched that from her seconds later.  Whew!!!

Back to the screaming.  The vet is counseling us.  She asked what we do when Lucy screams.  We said run to her.
The vet says Lucy is smarter than we are.


Any odd habits that your beloved furkids display?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Organization To The Point Of Obsession?

Now why didn't I think of this before?
If you have a Kindle 3 you most likely are familiar with the collections option on it.
You can arrange your books into collections of your choice.
And when you are finished with a book you can archive it and free up Kindle memory or  move it to another collection. 
I was putting all of my purchased Kindle books into collections that simply stated...TBR or TBR soon...and they were filled with books!!!
I could never find books that I wanted without an intense amount of searching.
This is one of those cases of me not realizing the obvious.
I archived all of my read Kindle is so much faster now.
And Goodreads has such and amazing book tracker that I didn't need to track them twice...and yet I was.
Now I am putting all of my unread Kindle books into genre collections.  I am just slap happy and patting myself on the back for this although I can't believe I have not ever even thought of doing this before. 
Now when I want to choose a Kindled book to read I just go to my genre far I have Mystery, Literary Fiction, Paranormal that includes Vamps, Were's, Angels and the feisty Fae.  I also have Dystopian and Fantasy collections...this makes me really too happy.
Do I need to get a life?
Should I add more genre's?
Did I forget a genre?
 I am not a huge fan of memoir or those are pretty much out for now.

My Kindle is so happy right now!!!  It is glowing!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Waiting For These...Where Are You Mr. UPS Man?

This is definitely my style.  I love slouchy loose and comfy.  I am a magician at finding clothes from many different designers and shops that still fit this basic category.
I can do this style for at home comfy, going out day time comfy and I am a whiz at doing it for night time date time but still amazingly comfy.
If the tops are longer and more of a tunic length I add black tights.  If they are shorter I add black pants...the ones above.  In fact that outfit is mine and I have it in three different color combos but always black trousers...I must own a zillion black pants. Wide legged, narrow, wide and narrow...when I find pants that I love I buy more than one.  It is the perfect wardrobe for me.  It travels perfectly.  It washes perfectly.  It is perfect for Patty...that would be me.
I add an armful of bracelets or a trendy wrapped scarf or wedges or ballet flats or boots. 
People seem to love my style. 
I love my style.
My style is me.
The above look is from a brand called fluxus.
I bought one of those deals from a site called Daily Candy or it might have been on Pop Sugar.  I spent $40.00 to get $100.00 of clothes from fLuxus.
Trust me...I was ecstatic.

Now...I would love to know this about you.

How would you describe your personal style?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Not A Big Fan Of The Red Zone?

Today is the opening season for football...the kind of football that makes my husband crazed.  The kind of football where you can't just sit and watch it...if you are my sort of have to comment and cheer and almost participate.
He is now enamored with something called the NFL Red Zone.

I pretty much do not get it.  To me it sounds as though a million different people are all commenting on a bunch of different games at the same time.  Plus...from what I can tell...the Red Zone moves from game to game to game all day long.
Who knew this was possible?
Certainly not me.
My husband does not get why I do not appreciate the Red Zone.  I tell him my view of it and he thinks I am...hmmm...not getting the point nor the true beauty that is the...
Red Zone.
I totally agree with him.
I do not get the Red Zone.

Thank goodness for iPADS, books, Kindles and laptops during football season.