Saturday, July 30, 2011

It's Getting Hot In Here!!!

I really do love summer but it is so seriously hot is amazing.  I am going to get out my kiddie/kitty pool and tipple my toes in cool cool water.
Or I can just stay inside and read.
Which is pretty much what I have been doing.
Dinners have pretty much been caveman dinners.
A simple meat, chicken or fish and cool crisp veggies.
As soon as the yard is done and all plants are watered...we are in for the day.
Tuna is marinating.
Salads are ready.
And there is an amazing cherry pie for dessert.
Fresh local cherries and a crumbly crust.
Not baked by me.
Vanilla ice cream in the freezer.
I am drinking a wine from Portugal called Vinho Verde.  You serve it in a frosted martini glass with a skewer of frozen grapes.  It is light and slightly fizzy.
I had it for the first time last night with our caveman dinner and it was superb.
Apparently there are many makers...but all the bottles are priced at ten dollars and under...
So good.   So light.  So refreshing.

Have a lovely week end!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Bountiful Harvest...

How I love books...let me count the ways...

Thank you publishers for these books in the mail...mostly Shelfari and my new friend Daniel Polansky.

Russell Banks...Lost Memory Of Skin
patti callahan henry...Coming Up For Air
lars kepler...the hypnotist
Daniel Polansky...Low Town

And the wondrous NetGalley and Lindsay for these lovelies...

This book has an amazing cover.
As does this one.
And this one, too.

I think I have a few weeks before the kitchen gets torn I will be reading madly.

Amazon is running an incredible sale on Kindle ebooks so these sort of fell into my lap.
But this one is two books in one!!!
And this one is just plain exciting!!!
My first adventure into SteamPunk!!!

Who does not love a good mystery?  This one sounded hauntingly amazing!!!

Well...that's it...I am so far behind with everything I want to read that I cannot see straight. The bathroom is done...other than the new shower doors...Brian The Shower Door Guy comes to measure on Thursday and we get them in a week or so.  The second he leaves I am out the door for a nails and toes appointment!!!
Tomorrow is totally mine.  No one is coming. Lucy and I are on our own.

Don't you just love it when something is finished and you have some time off before you have to start the next thing?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Home Alone!!!

I found myself home alone today at 1:30 in the afternoon!!!  Al The Tile Guy finished grouting...Mike The Contractor stopped by to check up on us...and by early afternoon...Lucy and I were all alone. 
I had no clue what to do.
It was strangely oddly quiet.
No footsteps on the stairs.
No front door opening and closing.
I forgot how it felt to be alone.
Saturday was not a free day.  Al The Tile Guy wanted to tile.
Sunday was not really a free day.
The cupboards were bare.
Lucy had no food.
My little zebra finches...Jake and Jack...had no food.
Patty and Dennis had no food.
So Sunday was spent gathering and foraging.
Actually the gathering was done at Fresh Market and the Farmer's Market.
The foraging, too.
My bad.
Lest I forget where this is going.
Here is what I did with my freedom.
I fell asleep.
Sound asleep.
For about an hour. case you were wondering what my future holds?
Tommy The Plumber will be here tomorrow and so will Al The Tile Guy and Mike The Contractor and I get to meet a new guy...Brian The Shower Door Guy!!!
Oh...and since my husband has a doctor's appointment he will be home for lunch.

When will my life come back to me?