Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hot Summer Indie Books!!!

I don't listen to fact I really didn't even know what it was when I signed up for the newsletter but today's email contained some interesting summer reading is the link if you didn't get enough titles at BEA last week.

Congratulations to dear blogger friend from the wonderful blog...Writing Is A Blessing!!!  If you have not ever read June's is wonderful.  I love chatting with her about books and authors.  And she usually has great giveaways...

She won my Cinderella Vampire Slayer giveaway...I will send it to you asap!!!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mythology That Is Action Packed!!!

Loved it...but I loved all of the books by Michael Scott in this series...

He is an expert on mythology and folklore and it is woven into every thread of these books. The story that unfolds in each novel in the series is breathtaking, mesmerizing and so
fascinating and I am incapable of putting each book down for any length of time without feeling a total compulsion to finish.

The characters that were in the first book are in each book in the series and their lives and stories unfold in the most amazing and magical of ways.

We are reading about Joan of Arc and Prometheus and Shakespeare and Shattuck...a sort of vampire warrior and Virgina Dare and Billy the Kid ( just to mention a few ) and monsters and magic and is just wondrous!!!

And mortal twins...Sophie and Josh...who play an important role in saving our much fun!!!

And as usual...Sophie and Josh have an amazing surprise waiting for them as the new book unravels.

My thoughts were all over the place with this book...there was that much action.  And Michael Scott is the master of character names that you cannot pronounce the same way twice...

Can you say Tsagaglalal?

This is an amazing series...full of twists and turns and mythology.  It is wondrous and delightful.

And then...once I am finished...I am so very sad that I read it so quickly and I then cannot wait for the next one...and there is one more in this series.
Maybe even more than one more?

Mr. Scott?


Here are the books in this series so far...
The Alchemist
The Necromancer
The Sorceress
The Warlock
The Enchantress...not even written yet!!!

BEA Envy...

I don't want to have it but I do.

I could have gone but I didn't go.

I keep reading about all the fun every other blogger in the world had at BEA.

They networked.  They chatted.  They brought home ARCS...signed of course.

They met with authors and publishers and editors.

They were wined and dined.

They got swag.

They went to the Strand.

They had sore tired feet but felt that it was worth it.

They can't wait to go back next year and do it all over again.

The long lines didn't matter...they tweeted and waved and talked to new friends and old.

I didn't do any of this.

I read about it.

I am too new at blogging to even know what all of the fuss is about.

I don't like crowds.

I would not want to be in NYC alone...I am an hour away by train and when I go to NYC my husband is with me.  We see shows and go to dinner and museums.

I am sure that next year I will go through all of this BEA angst all over again and still not go.  But then again...I will have another year of book blogging under my belt...I will be strong!!!
Fierce even!!!
Until I see the subway or a mean NYC taxi driver.
Would you go if you could?

What is all the fuss about?

Monday, May 30, 2011

I Love Memorial Day...

I grew up in a small quaint town called McDonald, Ohio.
My town had parades for everything.  The Memorial Day Parade would start at the high school with the high school band and end at the park pavilion with veterans shooting rifles into the sky.

From the time I was little my mom and I would wait for the parade to march down our street and then we would walk the few blocks to the park and listen to the rifles and then walk back home again.

My mom would tell my dad which veterans marched and they would chat for a bit about them and that was that.

I am almost positive that there was a parade in McDonald, Ohio today.  The high school band and some scouts and some veterans.  And of course the rifles shooting into the sky at the park.

Some things just don't change.

I made the flag is one of my favorite things.  I have a bit of a flag collection in my living room...not overwhelming...just some neat flag collectibles.

Oh...yes...I love Memorial Day even more because I don't have to go to school tomorrow!!!  When I was teaching Memorial Day was always the beginning of the end of the school year.  It meant hot classrooms and hot kids and end of the year tests and report cards and going crazy keeping my kids motivated until that last day... 


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kirkus Book Reviews At BEA!!!

The Kirkus Reviews Newsletter.  

 I love it...and just like Shelfari it is full of tons of bookish info. I have always needed to know what books are coming out and when.  I found out in a sort of roundabout way that Kirkus has an online magazine that you can download that profiles and highlights and gives summaries of all of the books that are being noticed a lot this year at BEA.

I am waiting for a book called Witch Eyes by Scott Tracey. His book was noticed and reviewed by Kirkus in their BEA review newsletter.  He provided a link to the 70 page pdf.file of all of the books that were reviewed by Kirkus.
They are divided into genres.  There is a short summary of each book.  It was beautiful to see.  Of course I printed it.  I had to have it.
I love when things come together in a tidy neat package.  Here is the link to Kirkus...just in case you want the BEA book review package, too.