Friday, December 16, 2011

What About Books?

It has come to my attention that I have not been chatting about books!!!
I am reading reading reading and writing reviews but not really doing that much talking about them here.
What is up with that?
Here is the answer.
I think it is because of the holidays.
There is a lot of stuff going on here.
I have an event planned for every day.
We are on the move at this house.
We are going to do something festive everyday.
or else!!!
I have even made a list of festive things to do before Christmas as well as a list of even more festive things to do after Christmas.
This little two person one cat two zebra finch family has traditions!!!
And we stick to them or else.
When we are not ho ho ho ing we are most definitely fa la la ing.
Yes we are.
I am the person who put a wreath on the front of my SUV.
Until my husband cried and begged me not to.
Now I just put a festive stuffed moose in the drink holder.
Take that, Scroogie husband!!!
And my itty bitty kitty LucyGrace has no less than two Christmas hoodies plus various Santa hats, reindeer horns and fluffy red ruffled collars.
Even Jake and Jack...the amazing rescued zebra finches...get presents under the tree and a huge red bow on their cage.
That is what I mean by traditions!!!
Books...yes...this was supposed to be about's the holidays...if a book gets read or not who really cares...
Santa Claus is coming to town!!!
I bet you are not as into books right now either!!!


  1. Well, I guess you told us! lol

    No, seriously, reading does have to take a back seat for those who have lots of traditions.

    I don't...I have a few decorations, I plan to celebrate with family and friends here and there, but no big bashes.

    No mess, that's what I think.

    Scrooge, you say? Well, you should have seen me a few years ago. Now that was a Scrooge! lol

  2. You're right! Enjoying the holidays with friends and family takes precedence over books!

  3. Finally I am making sense, Kathy!!!

  4. I am still reading tons of books and writing- but with the holidays fast approaching I am in the midst of the holiday season. Putting up the tree and watching Christmas movies takes precedent this time of year. Parties, shopping, wrapping- so much to do! It is a wild and fun time of year for sure! I try to enjoy every minute!


  5. I know...I don't even feel badly any more, Jess...I am just going with the flow...

  6. Books, yeah sadly get a back seat in the holidays, BUT I don't feel so bad at the moment about neglecting them. I have been listening to The Book Report in order to get my new years list started of all the must reads. Go to to get show times and stations so that you can listen too. They have some great interviews with authors, check for all the previous shows. Happy holidays to all!! Keep reading and listening!