Sunday, December 11, 2011

So Sweet And Yet So...

She looks like an innocent angel...
a sweet little kitty cat.
Until the Christmas bins come out.
We swear she remembers everything inside of them.
She has been on a hunt since yesterday.
She wants a certain snowman.
He carries a little fake evergreen tree in his cute little snowman arms.
He comes out every year.
And every year she pines for him
and yearns for him
and battles him.
Right now he is in the closet.
I had to rearrange the tippy top of the book cases because I had a Santa on top who was carrying a fabric tree.
But it was green and looked like the tree the snowman carries.
Can animals see colors?
I thought they couldn't.
She has literally leaped from the sofa to the top of the shelves and sits next to the Santa.
This morning we found quite a few snowmen and Santas on the ground.
And my Norwegian Mr. and Mrs. Claus on the floor.
We couldn't figure out how she did it because they were on a shelf.
But today I saw her method.
Once she is on the top of the shelves she simply reaches down and hits them to the ground.
This makes her happy.
Very happy.
I did not think she was that conniving.
But she is.

As much as I love her...she looks kind of not so nice in this photo of my now empty bookcase.
As though she engineered this.
And she did.

Yes she did...
my little angel has evil plans and nasty tricks on her mind!!!


  1. Ha-ha! Very conniving...and clever. But still cute....

  2. She's so cute though. And smart. Our dog doesn't much care about the Christmas decorations. He does love the bandana and bell we make him wear though.

  3. Cute she is...and no Santas lost ther lives last night!!!

  4. The beautiful tend to get away with so much. You ever notice that?

  5. Lucy looks so adorable, cute, loveable, and mischievous...which is OK, sound so funny with her obsession of that poor little Santa Claus!
    Just love hearing stories about her, Patty!

  6. You are so kind Elisabeth...Lucy would put herself in your lap and refuse to move!!!