Monday, December 19, 2011

Here He Comes To Save The Day...

I have been waiting since last Christmas for this wondrous gift that I am about to be given.
My husband is a closet cleaner.
He loves to clean.
He is going to brush away my surface cleaning and get to the the matter.
He is out buying cleaning supplies right now.
He will mumble and grumble and shake his head.
But when he is all finished this house...Hallelujah...will be cleaned.
It will glisten and shine and sparkle.
I can't wait.
I did mention that it will sparkle and shine and glisten, right?
There is even a best part to what we are doing today.
Well...I say "we" sort of loosely.
He hates when I get in the way.
He likes to clean on his own...without my help.
I just have to say that again...without my help.
I interfer.
I distract.
I bother him.
I have perfected this art of bothering him over the years.
It is a masterful plan...if I do say so myself.

And now...just one more thing.
I am making him The Pioneer Woman's Tortilla Soup for dinner.
It is his reward for all of his work today.

Whatever you are doing today...have a wonderful fun filled happy day...
even if you are reading while you watch your husband clean...
Thank you, Santa!!!


  1. If your husband wants to come clean here, I promise I will leave him alone.

  2. We are both exhausted...but the house glistens and we are showered and in comfy clothes and was worth it.
    And the soup smells good, too.

  3. Wow, you have certainly developed the secret to getting him to clean...perhaps he loves the tortilla soup enough to do whatever you want! lol

    Good job!

  4. As your husband's brother, I must say I'm not surprised by your his cleaning addiction.  Mom was a cleaning machine, while he was an eating machine.  Now he has finally come clean; no pun intended, and has embraced the broom.  I on the other hand use a leaf blower.  My Toro electric has a wind speed of 200mph.  If I install the nozzle restrictor its a blistering 209mph.  Enough to dislodge any amount of my gran kid's dander or PBJ stuck to the floor.  The dust cloud I haven't figured out what to do to get it out of the house.  In the summer I just wait till the wife leaves and open all the doors and windows and blast away.  She's really impressed when she gets home and she can't believe I haven't even broken a sweat.  Oh, wait...I know I just remembered we have a whole house exhaust fan...I'll just crank that baby up and open the front door.  Presto, it worked! Take a lesson Bro.


  5. We are laughing really hard at this one...Mr. Anonymous!!!
    You really do know your brother well!!!
    Merry Christmas!!!

  6. when he's done at your house can you send him to mine?